We arrived two days ago.

That was the only way to solve the problem.

I speak of the Japanese in general.

Could you help me find my keys?


The rumor cannot have been true.


The movie K-9 is showing.

Thirteen firefighters were injured.

Murthy doesn't have seniority.

That store employs twenty clerks.

Toby can't tell jokes.

Something important happened.

I'm only here to help her.

He explained how to make a fire.

I think Straka is nice.

He is often taken for a student because he looks so young.

You are on the wrong plane.

Do you think real neurotics really go and call themselves such?

Don't talk about it in his presence.

It was she who made him do it.

I can't stand being disturbed in my work.

The same thing could be said about many other people.

Well, he is pretty preoccupied these days.

I couldn't think of anything I'd enjoy more.

She believes her son is still alive.

Manuel advised Helen to be more careful.

All of us except for Michael thought Michel was guilty.


All of my friends like Johann.

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I don't want everyone to know.

You said that you were hungry.

Won't you have some cake?

I liked the show.

Tomorrow is Saturday.

Nick is obviously in pain.

People throughout the north were angry.


I wear designer clothes myself.


Charlene and Roland are no longer in Boston.

Lorien is always careful to lock his door.

We suffered a pretty big loss.

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They are putting on their gloves.

She had never seen a fuller beard than his.

Promise me you'll help her.

What's the minimum salary in Iceland?

That's how we do things.

Yvonne's family moved to Boston in 2013.

Agatha's a good-hearted person.

You can make your choice freely without fear of retribution.

He broke with his partners.

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Let's go ask Syed.

I don't mean you.

I baked some cookies for you.

Pass me the wine, please.

Good health is his capital.

Who touched my gun?

Felix is intimidated by Tor.

The ship is bound for Finland.

I'll be watching you.

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He is rich enough to buy a foreign-made car.

I lost one.

Sangho mixed the ingredients to make a cake.


She's on the honor roll.

Magic words and incantations are as fatal to our science as they are to any other. Methods, when classified and separated, acquire their true bearing and perspective as a means to an end, not as ends in themselves. We seek to find peace of mind in the word, the formula, the ritual. The hope is illusion.

Do you feel like going swimming?

"How is it?" "Well, yes ... could be some signs of dehydration."

She has been prescribed medical cannabis to alleviate the side effects of chemotherapy.


Donn doesn't look all that happy.

"And that's your gratitude for all I've done for you?" "Your past services won't be forgotten, Lucifer, but your present mistakes won't be forgiven."

Do you have brothers and sisters?

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He was called Ted by his friends.


Come and see me tomorrow, won't you?

I knew she would be the winner.

Kiki isn't back from Boston yet.


The sales of this model took off.


There's a parrot in the birdcage.

My daughter was taken away from me.

A river flows.


If you keep on drinking like that, you'll be drunk very soon.


That boat has pretty sails.

Nelken almost always has on sunglasses.

It is getting warmer and warmer.

Students have been protesting against the government's decision.

I intend to give this to you.

We saw Mr. Sato leave the room.

She became an object of universal admiration.


Tor is in incredible shape.

The tree is about as high as the roof.

I have a crush on you.


Lorraine and Theodore are probably Canadians.

I feel naked without accessories.

Tell him why you can't go.

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That's how Francisco likes it.

I wish I had more close friends.

Did you touch anything?

'Non', 'sed', 'magnus' and 'numerus' are Latin words.

I think they like you.

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Good things are easily spoiled.

We can't let Krzysztof out of our sight.

Do you want me to stay or don't you?


Jeanette may come at any time.

Her face was white.

You did a great job with Raul.

From now on, try to arrive on time.

We are to be married next Sunday.

A beer today or a degree tomorrow?

She was on the border of killing herself.

My friends invited me to dinner.

Why should you be surprised?


Do you like venison?

Cut it out, Ilya.

John left home in a hurry.

I don't know where everyone is.

Her latest album is a tour de force. It even has a storyline.

"Ah, y-yes ... Sorry, Coz." "Hey! You might be my relative but here I'm your senior and a doctor. Keep things straight while you're in the hospital!"

Nhan doesn't talk to anyone.

There is a new survey.

That's entirely up to you.

The mist prevented him from seeing very far.

This is not a trick.

It all comes down to a question of money.

I have a friend coming over to visit tomorrow.

Nils didn't eat much lunch.

Let's have lunch here.


Do you think it will be nice out tomorrow?


That's a tough question to answer.

Emma claimed that he was innocent.

My blood group is A+.

The pain was real.


You take credit cards, right?

Huashi sent me that.

Apparently, that's not correct.

Beverly is more intelligent than me.

I introduced my father to the teacher.

Some food is pretty bland without salt.

There's no need to wait.

I saw his former employer at a conference.


It's a snowy day.

Jayesh was a friend of mine.

Siping could barely talk.

These desks are too small for us.

I had planned to go abroad.

Our conversation opened, as usual, upon the weather.

Avoid them completely!

I don't have the slightest doubt.

Did Marika love to speak Swedish more than Finnish?

You decide! It's your future!

Take it away, Rolfe.

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As it happens, I have left the camera at home.

We tried to restrain him from his reckless action.

We'll release the final agenda on the morning of Monday, January 20, so please reply quickly.

The mountain peak was covered with snow.

Jeffie isn't invincible.

The glass is broken.

Sho deserves to win.

We aren't disappointed.

"I heard that Phiroze was dying." "Dying? He's alive and well!"

The girl rowing a boat is my cousin.

Laurent is just getting cold feet.

This is very ingenious.

Shutoku didn't want anyone else to know.

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I happen to live here.

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Wilson seems a little jumpy, doesn't he?

The bank is open.

They made the right choice.


Her stern look got him to quit talking.

There is a woman who wants to see you.

I need you to help me find it.


I thought you recognized him.

John is sure, that fresh air is a good thing.

That looks really bad.