I don't think Kathryn lives around here.

Just this morning, Sonny repaid Anthony the money he owed her.

I have the money.

The shoemaker said the shoes were too old to repair.

I asked why.

I know that you are up to some trick.

I could neither see nor hear the speaker.

At least 49 percent of students go on to university.

I wish you'd consider coming back to work for us.

Can you please tell me where the nearest church is?

Throw the ball to him.

Are they coming at six or at seven?

We're likely to continue reading this book up to the end of the year.


I tested everything.

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Is Bob right?

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This laboratory is equipped with the latest computers.

Ken learned many Japanese songs by heart.

Maybe it won't rain tomorrow.

We won't be unreasonable.

I'm going to Stockholm.

He is suffering from toothache.

Susumu told me to ask you.

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It's clear to everybody.

Lester is sociable.

The country's economy has developed making use of its rich national resources.


People feel most at ease when they are at home.

Could you show me how to start this machine?

Maybe I should help them.

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You should recover from your cold.

Women are better at this than men.

Unsaturated fats are essential to a healthy diet.


You're too late.


Her husband is an adulterer.


The motion was approved unanimously.


Serdar started to say something, but didn't.

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We took a vote.

I like it when you do that.

Trey must have seen where Kitty went.

Many people don't realize that antibiotics are ineffective against viruses.

In California are the famous big trees, or "forest kings" as they are called.


My life is coming to an end.

He sees himself as the center of the world.

It doesn't make any difference.

It's too hard for me.

Why do you have to be like that?

They completed the picture hand in hand.

What she heard chilled her to the bone.

The worst is over.

Don't leave the window open.

Spudboy decided to join the army.

Do you have a lot of time to relax?

You can ask for help if you need it.

You know me and know that I'm not joking.

My mind is clear today, thanks to all of yesterday's sleeping.

You might want to try it sometime.

She lost her temper along with me.

Although natto smells awful, it is delicious.

I bid against him.

I am not well at all.

He's working in the car.

Have you found any clues to the problem?

Either you or he is supposed to come tomorrow.

Hon is too busy to come.

There aren't any fish in this pond.

Milner's cheeks turned red.

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I love him none the less for his faults.

Trent was sitting on the hood of the car.

They are hungry.


She was occupied in cooking all afternoon.

Stand still!

Do you have any idea where I've been?

There is no knowing what may happen.

No, I feel like he's not "pure", but rather "dull".

I have so much to show you.

We were way too lenient on Lance.


I'll drop if I don't sit down.


One day I strolled into the woods.

The results of the survey will be announced at the appropriate time.

He dropped out of high school.

I didn't say much.

Nicolas turned to the man next to him and asked him what time it was.


You should read such books as you consider important.

We don't have a solution.

I've seen much of him recently.


There are some things that I don't understand.

I love gardening.

He asked his girlfriend to borrow her mother's umbrella.

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He stood up.

There is a big lake in Honfleur, near Paris.

It was perfect timing.


A man's worth lies not in what he has but in what he is.


Look at your hands.

I caught Valeria looking into the neighbors' windows.

Johann clung to the hope that Grant would call again.

Who does Toshio like?

Young as he is, he is a man of ability.

The river flowed over its banks.

The day is beautiful.

Mongo was born in a tiny town in Alabama.

We need to give students the tools they need to communciate in a foreign language, not simply teach them rote phrases.


Music is the universal language.

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About 300 people were arrested.


How did he do this?


Why the fuck do you live like this, Claudia?


This is really bad luck!

That exercise - backs together, link arms, one bends forwards while the other stretches their back - we did that a lot as children, didn't we?

We could see the ship in the distance.

That's what we have to discuss.

You can't come with us.

There were no schools for the deaf at that time.

He was completely absorbed in his book.


I am busy.

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Traffic accidents are increasing year by year.

If you eat at this time of night, you'll get fat.

I'm not expecting anyone.


We're trying to find Brent.


The lord held absolute power over his subjects.


Good, I will do my best.

Things are different here.

Go back to your room.

He tore out of the house.

That party was a disaster!


This tree is tall.

We're planting seeds.

If the alarm rings, walk, don't run.

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Don't you think you're being a little hard on Renu?

Some dreams are a glimpse of the future.

I should stick to the schedule.


Johnny is still in high school, isn't he?


Dawn was a professional magician.

It's funny how German can take a verb, cut it in half, and spread it over a five-clause sentence.

All three boys were talking at once.

Please let me know about it.

Valeria is already a father.

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Clyde is aware of his shortcomings.

They attended worship.

I forgot to ask him.

Read the letter in front of everyone.

Why didn't someone help him?

I hope this is the right one.

I need the new version no matter what.


How did you know that Herbert didn't know how to speak French?

The score is 1-0.

The demon grabbed my sister and, with howling laughter, cast her into a bottomless pit.


I felt as if a cold hand was touching me.

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You have an entry ticket.


Were these six months of full time studies at your current educational institution (school)?


I paid thirty dollars for these shoes.

I was tired from the work.

Blayne's as rough as guts, but she's got a very kind heart.

He made a dash for the bus.

The company once again went into the red. It is beyond saving.

"The Aristocrats" is one of the world's bluest jokes.

It doesn't bother me if you stay.


I wanted Alexander to clean his room.


Kamel wanted to be a criminal defense lawyer.