Doug Pfeffer

Doug Pfeffer

Hello people of the internet.

I am a freelance technologist. I work on the server side, the front end, and iOS. Projects include e-commerce (big and small), supply chain management, content sites, photo booths, and body hair simulators (it was featured in a gallery!).

Recent projects have been in cooperation with three cannabis industry start ups, BuzzFeed, atloidoaxoid, Hard Candy Shell, (415) 502-4161, Stink Digital, Percolate, Droga5, 6078987685, 302-406-8956, The Barbarian Group, The Webby Awards, 916-865-0685, Benefit Cosmetics, 260-917-3557, and a bunch of other awesome special ones I can't share here.

3177701745 with my sister. And historic duck prints at and Sogdian Disco. And built and co-run Distribute.

Please a look at some personal projects or (631) 441-2167 for info about real work.