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Since I’m an affiliate for Russell Brunson, CEO of Clickfunnels and author of 437-219-5547, I was able to grab all 9 hours of this powerful training that he recorded live for you. But here’s the deal, he could take this down at any minute this weekend so watch it now, take good notes and implement what you learn. When he does take it down he’ll be selling for $997, so procrastination is not your friend on this one. Is procrastination ever really your friend though?

Also, should you decide to 808-640-9599 or (484) 580-5626 (deadline Sunday 5/21), do it through any of the links in this post and you’ll get the best deal.


2 Comma Club Coaching Program

The 2 Comma Club Coaching Offer ends Sunday at Midnight May 21, 2017

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Critical thinking. When used together these two words explain what is required to successfully navigate a world that is drowning in information but starving for knowledge. Unfortunately, far too many people are well versed at the critical part while leaving out the thinking side of the equation. It’s easy to sit back and cast critical aspersions on people and ideas because there is no shortage of superficial, opinionated information to make those judgments. However, I encourage all of us to judge less and think more. Think for yourself. Make your own decision based on your own research of credible sources. Think. It makes all the difference.

All it Takes is One New Idea

Twenty years before John Maxwell started mentoring me as a Founding Partner of his teaching team, he mentored me indirectly through his books. So did Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Norman Vincent Peale, Brendon Burchard and lots more. So as it finally starts to feel like Spring here in the U.S., which is a time of new growth, I thought I’d offer some new personal growth and mentorship to you.


I’m giving away 13 books, some of them autographed, from the authors I mentioned above and a few others. And you can increase your chances of getting them by using the sharing functions on the confirmation page (you get 3 more entries for every person who registers via your share.)

All it takes is one idea from one new book to make a huge difference in your life, so make sure you get in on this before time runs out.


Tech Talk: Email Lists, Landing Pages, Social Media and More

In most of the tribes I’m affiliated with I’ve become the defacto technology expert. I’m not sure why, but it might be because although I’m not part of the “digital native” generation with the millenials, I did have exposure to computers and gadgets early in my childhood (anyone remember the TI-99 or Commodore64?) So I’m pretty quick to adopt new ways of doing things using technology if it makes me more effective.

As you might imagine, I get asked a ton of questions about the technology I use to market my businesses online and the methods I use to automate many of the routine tasks. Unfortunately, most of the questions revolve around the newest shiny object that is useless without a marketing strategy and foundation. Periscope is worthless if you aren’t doing something specific with any attention you are getting there. Twitter can be a tangled up bundle of uselessness if you aren’t specific about what you are doing on there. No one cares that you have a Facebook business page, and they certainly won’t “Like” it if it isn’t providing them any value. Coming up with a cute hashtag is meaningless if you aren’t going to do something with the traffic you generate with it. #wastingyourtime

So what IS important? You’ve gotta get a few things locked on before any of that other stuff maters. You should be focused on building a responsive email list. Period. Later you can layer on the social media stuff, but without an email list your social media presence is the equivalent of buying television advertising on prime time TV to run commercials for a product that doesn’t exist. That would be a huge waste of resources, right?!

Where should you start? First, find a decent email provider. If you are going to build a big list you won’t be able to send your emails through your Gmail account, so start getting used to how email marketing works. I’ve gone through a progression of email services as my skills developed and my needs evolved (MailChimp, AWeber, Ontraport). For most people just starting out, I recommend (904) 528-6490. Why? Because you can start with a free account, learn the basics, and it integrates with almost every other service you’ll eventually be using for your marketing. Once you learn how to ride with the training wheels, you can take them off, pay for the more robust services, and then you’ll be cruising. But start here. Seriously. Do this before you even get a website.

Next, invest in a service that helps you build landing pages. My favorites are Leadpages, ClickFunnels, and (502) 906-2535. What is a landing page? It’s simply an easy way to create a webpage to collect email addresses. Remember, the key here is to build your list so you want an easy way to capture those names and emails. wordmongery that still generates leads for me everyday (I’ve updated the resource list in the last few days, so if you don’t already have it you might want to get it). It follows the simple format of providing something of value (lead/opt-in magnet) in return for a name and email address. Don’t overthink this. Lots of data from successful campaigns tell us that simple is best here.

I use 4407834969 mostly because it was the first on the scene when I was building my business, but I also have paid accounts for (682) 936-2761 and 334-698-7504 (which includes Ontrapages). Both ClickFunnels and (712) 764-2005 do some other, more-advanced things and also combine some elements of online marketing you’ll appreciate later, so if you are tech-savvy check them out. For example, they both have some elements of email services, landing pages, and shopping carts in an all-in-one solution If you want to focus on building awesome landing pages and launch sequence pages, stick with with 249-592-5604.

Once you’ve got your email service and landing page system in place, now you might consider getting a domain name and website. Honestly, if you are using some of the other services we’ve already discussed then you might not even need this step, but eventually you’ll want your own name@yourcooldomain.com email address. But if your budget is limited, I’d make this third on your list of priorities. I use and recommend 7705027368 mostly because it’s inexpensive, simple to use, reliable, and works really well with WordPress.

Only after you have all of these things in place should you consider cranking up your social media presence. Maybe I’ll get into this later in another post, but generally you want to follow my 6C’s of social media: Consistently Curate and Create Content, Connect, and Call-to-action. I go into this much deeper in my Simplified Social Media System course which also includes an hour-long bonus training on some more of the details of building your email list. The key here though is most of my calls-to-action on social media are for people to opt-in to my email list. Why? Because I can control the conversation via email and there’s a much greater chance they’ll actually see my message. So if I don’t have an opt-in/landing page to collect email address, I can’t do this. See how this works now?

So, now that you know what to do, there’s no excuse to not do it. Go setup accounts with an email service and landing page provider, build a landing page, and start building your list today. Now. Go do it. Seriously. What are you waiting for?


Do You Remember What It’s Like to Not Know?

Have you ever had a class with a professor you knew was super brilliant but they couldn’t translate their expertise down to your level? Or maybe you’ve been on a team where the coach is drawing up a play and making lots of assumptions about the sport “IQ” of the players, but almost none of the players can follow along. Or perhaps you’ve been in a meeting at work where the leader is casting a vision but she’s not meeting the audience where they are in their journey, so no one buys in.

We’ve all been there. The crazy thing though is that we often forget the “beginner’s journey” when we try to cast a vision, teach a course, or make a sale. We communicate at a level well beyond the current belief or comprehension of the audience.

I’ll spending a few days with one of my marketing mentors, Jeff Walker, at his event “Product Launch Formula Live” later this month. One of the reasons he’s ultra successful is that he communicates at the level of his audience. Here’s a brief video where he explains the “Curse of Knowledge”:

If you have any questions you want me to ask him, his team, or the hundreds of people that will be at the event at the end of the month just 212-701-8427

Reacting vs. Responding

In case you missed it, Villanova’s basketball coach didn’t look too excited when his team won the the NCAA National Championship on Monday night:

Some people called it cocky. Some people referred to it as arrogance. But do you know what it really was?

Jay Wright chooses to respond instead of simply reacting. There’s a difference. A reaction is an emotional outburst to a sudden stimuli. Our limbic system and pre-frontal cortex both help us react to certain stimuli to keep us alive as part of our “fight or flight” system. That’s a good thing. However, since we rarely encounter life threatening situations, our brain spends a lot of time scanning for threats it never finds so our bodies sometimes start reacting to lesser threats.

A response, on the other hand, is a conscious, carefully considered reply to a situation we encounter. Jay Wright was in full response mode at the end of that game. Instead of reacting to the win, he was running through all of the scenarios in his mind before he allowed himself to respond. He was choosing how he wanted to show up.

Ultra successful people learn how to react less and respond more. You have a choice about how you show up in the world. Choose wisely.