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Raj is undependable.

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I have to say goodnight to him.


Is that why you won't help him?

We all like to ride bikes.

We must relieve the refugees of their suffering.

Who's up for some ice cream?

Kaj found it difficult to get along with Jakob.

No need to point out the obvious. I know I just lost an arm. All right?

I really like the way your hair looks.

Myrick was forced to sell his farm.

The Internet is serious business.


Rainer can't have done what you say he did.

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He isn't handsome.

Winston is under considerable stress.

Kevyn kept a list of all the food he'd eaten that week.

I talk to her all the time.

I'm going over to my sister's.

We'll plan for the future.

He started to get hungry, so he threw a small stone in the river to kill a fish.

The robbers did away with their victims.

I managed to catch the last train.

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I'm always suspicious of men like him.

This costs more than that.

My face is the prettiest face around, isn't it?

They completed the picture hand in hand.

I don't want to talk about that today.

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I wanted to do this.

Be passionate!

I'm twelve.


Frederic yelled at Antony.

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Go ahead and start.


Jarvis might be seriously ill.

This book is red.

Sid and Ann had trouble making themselves understood in French.


I can't get her on the phone.

He gave up under the severe training he faced.

I want to know about them.

Hitoshi wondered what List was thinking.

I have lots of ideas.

Did you kill anybody?

We discussed the problem all afternoon.

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I just told you something I've never told anyone else.

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If you have a problem with that, we should talk about it.

I'm giving it back.

He was surprised by the news.

I hear from him every now and then.

I think we should hire Wendi.

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Bruce said he wanted to go swimming with us.

I don't want to know anything about Liza.

I'll take my chance.

So as to avoid being late, we went by car.

Since it was late at night and I was very tired, I stayed at an inn.

Will he be here soon?

I forgot to tell you when to come.

This book deals with facts.

Who else knows I'm here?

The children are clamoring to go to the zoo.

Do you have any idea what the population of Tokyo is?

I sprained my ankle.

It's not that scary.

I'm not trying to stir up trouble. I'm just telling you what I heard.

But how difficult that was!

Pandora can't get that car started.

I can rip you apart with my bare hands.

The only way out of here is the same way we came in.

Go get some towels.


Heinrich took over his father's store.

The horses are pulling the harrow.

His eyes searched my face to see if I was talking straight.

It's very likely he'll come.

What I want now is ice cream.

He likes potato salad.

I worked all night so to meet the deadline.

Lock the door!

Claudio plans to play poker with us tomorrow evening.


She chopped down the branch with an ax.

Do we have to tell her?

Society is changing.

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I didn't have the same levels of awareness before going vegan.


Is it damaged?

What's Saad's hurry?

He was entranced with joy.


Bogdana is the mother of Felicja.

I have decided to stop writing in English.

Wool takes a dye well.

Why didn't you go back for Heinrich?

Will it clear up this afternoon?


I don't think Stephen is a bad boy.

This fruit has not matured enough to be picked.

We're interested only in the facts.

The jet plane flew away in an instant.

Tal wished that Pamela would tell him what to do.

I called on her.

Any song sung in French puts me in a sexy mood.

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The music ended, and they are still dancing.

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I'm glad you were able to meet Teriann.

I need to vent my anger.

I'll show you 'round the property.

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Kerry has another problem he hasn't told us about yet.

I assure you this is the real thing.

Liza greeted us warmly.



You can read where you were, but you can't write where you'll be.

Do you think you would ever consider suicide?

Your English has improved considerably.

Let's take this one step further.

We are not acquainted with each other.

The government gave power to this crook.


Do I look like a terrorist?

I didn't expect a warm welcome.

Unfortunately, there may be complications.


Orville wanted to eat a couple of slices of salami.

I did the best I could to answer his questions.

Are you in on this?

Herman has other ideas.

The door was difficult to open.

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Mozart's life was very short.

When a country is well governed, poverty and a mean condition are things to be ashamed of. When a country is ill governed, riches and honor are things to be ashamed of.

Ric has unrealistic expectations.

You can rely on me.

Practice is the best way to improve your English.

Let's get Boyd back.

They are both in the room.


I know where Kenton will go next.

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It isn't necessary for you to be multilingual.

The most painful thing for a mother is having to bury her own child.

Sid hit a deer on the highway.


I knew Gigi was no good.


Ken can't go out without putting on makeup and doing her hair.

I don't think they like me.

I really appreciated it.

Raphael climbed back into his car.

Emily was lonely without Terrance.

Clyde said it was too cold.

The enemy blew up the bridge.

I must look into it.

Stop acting like a spoiled child.


From the moment he arrived, everything changed.

I apologize for disturbing you like this.

The labor unions had been threatening the government with a general strike.


I never meant to put you in any danger.

Everyone was talking about it.

When are you staying in Japan till?

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The situation is better, if anything.

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I'm broke. I need a hot meal.


My eyes popped out when I looked at my phone bill this month.


Seventy-five percent of the world's tornadoes occur in the US.

What kind of an idiot do you take me for?

For better or worse, there is nothing to do but to leave the matter in his hands.

Nowadays, a safety zone is not always safe.

Everything you need to leaf through a good book: a big, fluffy bed, snug armchair, and, of course, a wall-to-wall selection of reading material.

A coward is someone who, in a perilous emergency, thinks with his legs.

"I can change." "I don't want you to change."


Dan experienced a spiritual awakening.

That was all I could afford.

I am helping my sister to do her math exercises.

Choose a word.

So what's the next move?


Everybody in the room knew each other.


Most graduates of the Department of Science proceed to a master's program, and roughly half of those continue on to their PhD.