hug loved ones from
thousands of miles away.

Introducing Parihug, bringing human touch back to digital communication.

what is a Pari?

Pari (paribus huggus) is a pairable plush animal from a faraway land who keeps you connected to loved ones. All Paris' hearts are connected around the globe. When you hug your Pari, it's sent to another!

Introducing Parihug

introducing Parihug!

You and a loved one each have your own Pari. Simply give Pari a squeeze, and the Pari on the other end with provide a soothing haptic vibration to let your loved one know you're thinking of them! With Pari on each end, thousands of miles, even for a moment, can feel like none.

parihug app

The Parihug app is forever free! Use it to add trusted family and friends to your circle of hugs! Keep up to date on where friends and family are traveling. Drop a line for someone who's away with the messenger. Stay connected with integrated video chatting. Android support coming soon!

kid friendly

Simple and easy to use for children ages 3 and up!

stay connected

Keep in touch with loved ones anywhere in the world: chat with them, send hugs, and see where they are!

instant hugs

Hugs are sent in real time with no delay for instantaneous affection!

always free

The Parihug app is free and always will be!

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