Who is this, please?

Carry this.

Will you swim with Hal?

Who excels in studies can follow an official career.

Leave the driving to me.

I work only to go on vacation.


How about we have a glass of wine?

Jefferson believed the nation was in good hands.

He was handed a red card for starting a fight with the other team and as a result, their team lost.

Your car was washed by Ken.

He needs to be the center of attention.

I don't know her very well.

Did you tell Magnus Bobby was having trouble?

I saw him crossing the road.

They have a very good curriculum at that university.

Could I have a sip?

This man has a horse.

Hume wants to learn how to play the trumpet.

No one was alive.

I don't think Jenine wants to see you.

I saw Jacobson stealing something out of your purse.

I assume you're not interested.

Do you often drive a car to work?


No one is more dangerous than a fool with a large vocabulary.

We're going to need help.

I want to be an actor.

The quantity discounts are according to the size of the order.

He loves listening to classical music.

I'll drop you off at the station.

I really regret having to say it to you.


This picture shows how stupid I used to look.

I'm very concerned about this.

They live on the floor below.

Carter tried to camouflage himself.

Ramiro loves art.

Carlos is intelligent and creative.

She had an oral examination in English.

Does it snow a lot in the winter?

Jacques saves about 30% of what he earns.


Bob asked Tanaka to pretend to be his girlfriend.

The longer I stay there, the more I like the place.

It's quite complicated to talk to humans.

The ball hit the fence.

Where's your wife?

The tables have turned.

The ship sailed along the coast of Shikoku.

You promised me to take care of Miltos.

I can die happy now.

Now that people can steal passwords, illegal impersonation is becoming a serious problem.

You're supposed to be on my side.

It keeps raining.

Linda visited someone and still hasn't come back.

We have given careful thought to both alternatives.

We should do our best.

Panicking will certainly not help.

I eat with my hands.


Vladislav is such a sweetheart.

That was a lot of fun.

Suddenly a huge wave came and the boat disappeared.

He succeeded in the face of many difficulties.

Both methods worked flawlessly.

She remained single all her life.

"Is that okay?" "No, it's not okay."

Playing Russian roulette isn't really a good idea.

You could do it if you really wanted to.

I was told to contact you.

It's a cool place.

I've got some business here.

George accompanied me home.

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We forgot them.


She went out when she finished her work.

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Kyoto is worth visiting.

I can't tell her from her twin sister.

What's this got to do with Kamiya?


She isn't poor.

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I should've thought of that.

There is a bus every 20 minutes.

What should you do if you find a big spider on your bed?

Arne was not alone.

The man complains, because the dog is barking, or vice versa?

I remember seeing you before.

What's your favorite non-fiction book?

Ruth has to stay in bed.

Obviously, Kaj isn't interested.

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Marty dozed off in class.

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I saw your shop board out there on road.

Breakfast is served.

He was wild with anger.

Don't be a trouble to mother.

A women who doesn't criticize you anymore is a women who doesn't love you anymore.


I was with him last week.

I know nothing about the occasion.

You must cut down on extra expenses in order to live within your means.

Ramesh's very content now that Barry's moved in with him.

I was amazed at the unexpected result.

The brakes did not work.

Put down the rifle.

Do I owe you something?

I am crazy for him!

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Oats have long been food for horses and mules.

His story moved her to tears.

Is Marsh serious about this?

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Cobbler, stick to your last.


What books did you get?

To summarize, I'm saying that society is becoming better.

I have studied all day.

He lost his ticket for the movie.

Seen from a distance, she's a beauty.

I kept my promises.

Saturn is surrounded by over 1000 rings made of ice and dust. Some of the rings are very thin and some are very thick. The size of the particles in the rings range from pebble-size to house-size.

Thank you for this revealing lecture!

You can't say anything about this to Randall.

By 2030 twenty-one percent of its population will be over sixty-five.

My father doesn't like football.

They aren't our enemies.

Time passed rapidly and the work didn't advance at all.

I would have gladly gone abroad during high school, but my parents didn't want me to.

How many phone numbers does Triantaphyllos have?

I understand now what you were trying to tell me.

I think Lynnette is flabby.


Oskar told us what to do.

Brazilian music is simply magical.

He is always laughing.


She likes yoga and hula hooping.

My menstrual cycle is irregular.

There is nothing like the dull thud of nylon on nylon.

I chose the wrong approach.

This whole thing was a lame excuse.

On what business did you come here?

I watched a Swedish movie last night.

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I'll go check on Per.


A great warrior radiates strength. He doesn't have to fight to the death.


The argument that smoking is injurious has become accepted.

Did you fall from the sky?

I didn't even know that these sentiments still existed.

The warm weather will bring the fruit trees into blossom soon.

I have done much writing this week.

His manner of speaking is direct to the point of rudeness.

I enjoyed listening to them.


Wendell is still the best student in your class, isn't he?

At first, I thought he was joking.

The suspects will face charges for importing and possessing drugs in a Sydney court.

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That's hardly believable.


Jerrie forgot to feed his dog last night.


Romain started dancing to the music.


If I had known that you were sick, I could have visited you in the hospital.

There were ten policemen at the scene.

I know Billy will be ready.


It is almost time to go home.


This toy is almost indestructible.

Surya likes Boston.

The world today needs to advance its production of food.

We have a composting toilet.

I worked in Boston.

This is a nice change of pace.

Gunter took her phone out of her purse and took a picture.

The sales didn't amount to anything.

The continent is pretty sick of this British whining about anything and everything.


Hubert is still married to Real, isn't he?

Did Jeannette tell Jill what to do?

This new product has been checked twice this week in order to avoid any problem during the installation.


Don't let him do it.


I got caught in a rainstorm.


Johan took out his driver's license and handed it to the police officer.


I'm saving the best for last.

The hospital restricts the number of visitors who can enter the intensive care unit.

Our random selection has chosen you as a possible winner!