Locally Owned Grocery Store with Easy to Buy Recipe Ingredient Bundles

Fresh Foods

Our bounty of in-season fresh vegetables and fruits is the base of your delicious meal. Delivereries are twice a week, so check in on Monday/Tuesday and Friday/Saturday for the first selection.


Whether it's a snack or dessert, we have many options to keep you happy! We have many delicious options, ranging from homemade baklava to fun candies for the kids.


Drinking hot and and iced teas is a great replacement for sugary juices and sodas and will create the perfect mood for your Mediterranean meals. We carry imported teas, both herbal and with caffeine for the perfect occasion.

Pita Bread

Mediterranean meals start with pita bread, for picking up hummus, salad and other dishes. Our pita bread is delivered fresh on Mondays and Fridays, try them all to find your favorites.


You'll love lebni cheese as a dip with fresh vegetables and pita bread or spread on sandwiches instead of cream cheese or even peanut butter. We have this and many more unique cheeses to delight you.


We carry many authentic hummus brands, they are much tastier than supermarket brands. It's very tasty and healthy, so stock up on hummus and pita bread for snacks and meals, you'll love it!

Packaged Foods

Complete your delicious meals with affordable ingredients. We carrypickles, canned and frozen vegetables, dried lentils and sauces that you won't find anywhere else.


We have a wall full of authentic spices, in small packages and in bulk. Keep them on hand at home to be ready to cook a Mediterranean meal anytime. So tasty!

Dried Fruits

You'll love delicious dried dates and more from the Middle East. They are great for healthy snacks for adults and kids. Perfect for gift giving occasions also.

Imported Nuts

Nuts such as pistachios and almonds and more make great healthy snacks and additions to our Recipes of the Week. Keep a jar full at home with our varieties of nuts that your whole family will love.

More foods

Experiment with Mediterranean cooking - it's healthy, delicious and affordable. What will you make with our delicious ingredients?

Household Items


We have a wide variety of fun hookahs and mellow coal-roasted, fruit flavored tobaccos.

Cooking Tools

Everything you need to prepare and serve authentic Mediterranean meals. Gas barbecues, tea kits, cooking implements and more for your kitchen.

Recipes of the Week

  • aleyrodid

    Make Your Family Delicious Turkish Fish Stew Tonight

    A non-traditional variant of Turkish fish stew that blends various other Mediterranean influences.

  • Syrian Green Beans with Olive Oil

    (403) 697-8099

    A healthy, fast, easy vegetarian/vegan main dish for lunch or dinner. Surprisingly filling with pita bread, or it can be a flavorful side dish.

  • Syrian-Style Lentil and Spinach Soup


    I added more spinach and the recommended cumin. We really enjoyed it. Ours came out less like a soup than like a thick stew.

  • Spinach and Feta Pita Bake


    This is great as a party appetizer or a full meal. Tasty, full of flavor and good for you. The crunchy crust is what I really like! You can play with the veggie toppings and cheeses for a great meal that is fast and delicious!

  • (260) 356-9020

    Mediterranean Kale Salad

    A great, simple recipe. The kale tasted perfect after steaming for 7 minutes. A tasty, healthy side dish when short on time.

  • quandary


    The simple combination of peppery radishes, toasted walnuts, and fresh mint is satisfying and somehow greater than the sum of its parts.

  • Greek-Style Tuna Salad

    Greek-Style Tuna Salad

    Taking inspiration from Greek ingredients and flavors, this tuna salad practically whisks you away to a breezy Greek island

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