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Pregnancy and Children

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If you have questions related to pregnancy, this website is designed to help you with advice before, during, or after your pregnancy. It can help you whether you think you may be pregnant, know you are pregnant, are raising or planning to raise your child, or may be considering adoption. We care about you and about the care and health of children. We are available 7 days a week and there is never any cost for our help. Please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.


Before Pregnancy

Even the idea of pregnancy is filled with so many issues and concern. There are many things to consider before you get pregnant. The first of course is to decide whether or not you want to be pregnant. If not, you need to know about the many birth control options available for both men and women and their effectiveness against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. On the other hand, if you do want to get pregnant, you need to understand what you can do to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.

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There are many programs that can help you during your pregnancy including government programs and organizations that offer financial assistance, medical assistance, free food, shelter and support. There are even hotlines you can call 24 hours a day and safe havens for your baby.

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Early Pregnancy

This section contains information to help you with many pregnancy issues such as unplanned pregnancy, home pregnancy tests, early symptoms of pregnancy, staying healthy while you are pregnant as well as information on medical care.




This section will help you with a variety of pregnancy issues such as commonly used terms, body changes that take place during pregnancy, eating and nutrition, information on which herbs and vitamins can help or hurt your baby, exercise during pregnancy and a list of things that may surprise you about your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy Concerns

Here we try to give you answers to questions about things that may concern you regarding pregnancy such as the use of over the counter and prescription medications during pregnancy. We also try to answer your questions about things such sex and work while you are pregnant.

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During pregnancy women experience a variety of symptoms ranging from morning sickness, weight gain, fatigue and moodiness to back pain, heart burn, constipation, frequent urination and sleep related problems. We want you to know that there are things you can do to minimize these problems including eating healthy foods, changing your sleeping position and exercise patterns.



Pregnancy Problems

We want to help you deal with problems that can occur before or after pregnancy.  These include depression, Rh blood factor, bleeding during pregnancy, pregnancy complications, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Here we offer information on how to avoid or minimize these problems.

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Stages of Pregnancy

Here we assist you by explaining what happens to your body and your baby during each stage of pregnancy, plus we provide you with a pregnancy calendar and offer information about estimating your due date.

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Pregnancy Risks

In this section we provide you with information about the dangers of consuming alcohol, caffeine, drugs, certain herbs and vitamins and smoking. Common sense is usually very helpful. We would like you to ask yourself the following question: After your baby is born would you give it a cup of coffee, a gin and tonic, illegal drugs or a cigarette? If you would not give these to your child after it is born, remember that while you are pregnant, anything you eat, drink or smoke also goes to your unborn child.


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Birth Plans

Our goal is to help you develop a birth plan that eases your mind while helping to make sure that you and your baby are properly cared for each step of the way. This includes looking at your birthing options such as birthing centers and hospital delivery, midwives and doulas.

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Labor and Delivery

Knowing what to expect before you go into labor can help you make decisions and reduce confusion and stress during delivery. This section deals with methods of dealing with pain, plus natural birth versus assisted birth methods such as cesarean section and an episiotomy.

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After Delivery

Here we try to help you prepare in advance for concerns you may have after the delivery of your baby. These may include whether to bank cord blood or not, whether breast feeding or formula feeding is best for your child and the specifics of both breast feeding and formula feeding. Also included is information to assist you in understanding your babies APGAR.

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This section is to help if you are having trouble conceiving. It covers terms and definitions relating to infertility as well as information about trying to conceive, specifics on male and female infertility factors, emotional issues of infertility, infertility medications and their effects, infertility treatments, and insurance issues. This is followed by information on how you may adopt a child if you have a safe and loving home to offer.

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If you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to raise your child yourself, we want you to know that you have plenty of options. These options include placing a child for adoption, allowing a relative to adopt your child, and foster care. On the other hand, if you have a safe and loving home to offer a child, we also provide information on how to adopt a child.

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Our Adoption Agency is licensed in multiple states and is able to help a birth mother and birth father in all 50 states and in foreign countries. We are different from county child adoption programs and have worked with birth parents from all over the world and our overall satisfaction rating by birth parents has been excellent.




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