I've got problems of my own.

How thin is too thin?

He loved me, but he doesn't love me anymore.

This way we can shorten the distance.

I am afraid he will make a mistake.


Vampires live forever, unless they're killed.

Do you walk to school?

At what time should we go to the station?


I got to go to Boston last week.

You shouldn't be driving.

I may be unsociable, but it doesn't mean I don't talk to people.

The world without anime would be like a washing machine without Internet-access.

We're very, very busy.

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I asked him to drive me home.

The shy Chinese cleaner brought us tea to the meeting room.

They're all dead! All dead! All dead!

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There is an apartment house near my house.


The general lived the rest of his life peacefully after his retirement.

Cathrin knows the situation.

There is no chance of rain today.

The situation is much worse than we thought.

She's not the brightest girl in the world.

What will you do with the body, my lord?

I want you to remember, my brothers, what happened to our ancestors.

He was infuriated with what she said.

Before this car, I drove a Nissan.

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How does one stop smoking?

Vern looks busy.

The word order has to be changed.


A big man is not always robust.


Do you have work experience?


I don't have time to waste.

The snow was very deep.

The dog chases the cat, and the cat chases the squirrel.

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He grows rice.

It's already started raining.

What do you imagine when you see that picture?

Maybe you should call the police.

The baby crawled on hands and knees.

Let's take a step back for a moment.

He gets along well with his classmates.


The economic situation of the country worsened.

He knows how to cheat on his wife.

Floyd didn't want to speak to anyone.

I like to watch a baseball game.

You can trust them.

I've been painting the ceiling.

I'm not taking any orders.

Did you guys hook up?

Torsten saved us all.

He worked from morning till evening.

The scandal was fatal to his political future.

They both looked at her.

Donne won't open the door.

I'd better tell him.

Mann shivered involuntarily.


You don't have to wrap it up.

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Do either of you know a guy named Noam Jackson?

Handling dynamite can be dangerous.

You got careless.

I just wanted to look at you.

Do they have that?

This idea has never entered my head before.

Aren't you supposed to be at school today?

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They took him to the hospital for his fever.


Kristi took a sip of lemonade.


No matter how I racked my brain, I couldn't remember that name.

Everyone believes his story since there is no evidence to the contrary.

Spencer didn't respect the rules.

I know it now for sure.

Autumn changed into winter.


I like to be around people.

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Danish is the European Portuguese of Scandinavia.

I feel something.

Now that I think of it, it's too small - that ring.


Remember to mail the letter.

I hate every single other country. Even Palau.

Making friends with people doesn't have anything to do with how long you know them.

Tyler picked up the dice and threw them.

They've got explosives.

We're moving to Boston next year.

This water is odourless.

You're stuck.

We can't fix this by selling stuff!

That kitty is so cute!

He never breaks promises.

We're doing this to help Clark.

This pass is a gateway to India.

Oleg knew what he would say to Anita.

I want to go to Korea.


I was unwilling for my wife to accept the invitation.

Some say we Argentinians are arrogant, but that's just because we're the best.

I need to get us some help.


There was nobody in the room.

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What have you got there in your pocket?

Teruyuki has to sign his name on this document.

That's what we're trying to figure out, Lindsay.

Many Russians demanded an end to the war.

Karl didn't mention why he was looking for Hillary.

What'll they do when they get there?

Heinz and Amir have known each other for years.

Why is mom washing the dog?

Do you want to ask me a question?

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I don't think this is the box that this toy came in; it won't fit in.

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I don't want you to have anything to do with Martin.

I've known him my whole life.

I've just come up with a great idea.

The more excited he got, the less talkative he became.

I prefer listening to the radio to watching television.


Rogue spends most of his money on food.

You should savor this moment.

Sharan didn't want to go to his room.

Who first split the atom?

She must be a swindler.

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Don't let this codebook fall into enemy hands.

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I, too, am worried about them.


Ping stopped over in Boston for three days on his way to Australia.

Tahsin barely touched her food.

They haven't heard from him.

We're still missing one.

It's still too early to tell.

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Mahjong is one of the most interesting games.

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I assume this was Clay's idea.


He is two years my junior.

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I'll talk with Bruno.


Smith died of a heart attack.

It's midday.

The old man was working in his garden, with his dog, as usual, close by.

These archeologists study ancient ruins.

He never saw his sister again.


They are nice boys and I am sure you will get on with them very well.


Cliff has been stabbed.


I can't work for you anymore.

I wonder what Lynn and Dawn are laughing about.

Sanjeev is smelling the flowers.


What did you do in Boston while you were there?


The government is still groping for a solution to the problem.


Please hold this ladder steady.


It's easier than you think.

We'll look into the case at once.

Not only she but also you are wrong.


I didn't punch anybody.

Don't lose it.

He is adept in swimming.

I cannot open it!

In order to avoid confusion, the bottom is labelled too.

He must have reached the station.

It turned out just right.

Nanda has a goose-down pillow.

I'm not into Asian guys.

I have a rough idea where it is.

We really need you.


Rich can't cook very well.

You must try to avoid hurting people's feelings.

Karl helped himself.

Can you believe what he said?

I think Jong is lazy.