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He loves music.


I need you to tell me when you plan to arrive.

That's all we know.

You and I are evenly matched.

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I'm not trying to stir up trouble. I'm just telling you what I heard.

Go on ahead, Murthy.

It cannot be done.

Birth control was still illegal in Canada in 1967; condoms were sold only for the prevention of disease.

They bubbled over with joy.


Annard was a champion long-distance swimmer.

Why don't you understand?

I saw you at the flower shop.

When the scum stops appearing pour the syrup back into a clean bottle and keep it in the fridge.

Did Sam know what he was doing was wrong?


The smell of roses hung in the air.

He is man of moderate views.

I'd like to join you.


We're all loaded.

Jamie wondered if Josip knew John and Alice were planning on getting divorced.

The earth is shaped like an orange.

It's so painfully obvious.

I intended to have gone fishing.

Wes said that he was eating.

Raymond sat down at the table with his friends.

I'm sure you're busy.

My camera is different from yours.

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My husband's been my rock during these last few months.

I don't want to play anymore.

What kind of gadget is that?


I think about them all day.

A professional is painting the house.

Kuldip acted as if he didn't know Evelyn.


Rik stayed at a cheap hotel.

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We make a great couple.

I can't see what's happening.


What stroke of genius must a child have to learn to play the piano?

How much do you usually drink?

I'm growing tired of all this arguing.

He studies biology very hard.

We haven't found the gun yet.

I love summer rain.

Claire's always criticizing Tiefenthal and putting her down.

He hasn't written you a letter in a long time.

It wasn't worth as much as they were charging for it.

Bobby could tell Clem was troubled.

Sanity told me he was going to ask you to be his best man.

I seem to have the wrong number.

I began to panic.

I didn't tell him the truth because I was afraid of hurting his feelings.

Girls are more likely than boys to be malnourished, suffer poverty, face violence and be refused an education, according to a new report.

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Shatter said something the other night about that.


Michel hit the gas.

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You should've left them alone.

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Which one?

Sandeep didn't know that woman at all.

You and I are good friends, but we have little in common.


It was impudent of him.

I don't agree with them.

Naoto isn't playing by the rules.


Do you realize what this means?


Jeffrey came up with various ideas on how to make his business more successful.

Lift is generated by the motion of the airplane through the air and is an aerodynamic force.

Automobiles replaced carriages.

I'm not convinced ghosts actually exist.

You owe me $1,000.

Sometimes it just happens that way.

This is by far the coolest thing we've ever done.

There is not one of us but wishes to succeed.

The ship traveled at a good speed.

He was a great teacher so his children were very obedient.

The food was highly peppered.

How frequently do you fart?

Don't tell them just yet.


Don't be afraid of having tigers for enemies; be afraid of having pigs for friends.

I'll be sixteen on my next birthday.

Connie helps Corey.

I have an acute pain here.

Let me cut the carrots.


How's your boy doing?

There were some graphic novels mixed into the pile of specialty books on the desk.

Edmund is a nutter.

War is a loathsome business.

Dawson isn't sure this is a good idea.

Charlene didn't want just any car. He wanted his grandfather's car.

It is the things that we do not possess which seem to us most desirable.

My front tooth fell out.

His life is free from care.

There used to be a castle on the hill.

I make it a practice to help my brother with his homework after supper.

Curry and rice is her favorite food.

Almost all the work is done now.

You learn English.

You shouldn't go swimming after eating a big meal.

This has got me beat.

The detective shadowed the suspect for four blocks.

Did you bring rolls?

I'd like to check out tomorrow morning.

I think you need to be more aggressive.

He came after you left.

I have to leave the car here.

He will stay in Tokyo for several weeks.

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I'm raking in the cash.


Woody is a little unusual in that he doesn't drink tea, coffee or beer.

Many inmates on death row say they want to die.

Things got weird.

She'll understand.

Get on with it.

I made no mistakes.

Gail was caught selling drugs to kids.

Marnix wanted to take a nap before dinner.

My children live in Beijing.

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I know you want to be happy.

I'm tired of making the best of things.

The price has gone up.

As I don't have the money, it'll just be a short trip.

Avoid heavy labor It will be better in two weeks.

The enemy attacked furiously.

Times may change, but human nature stay the same.

I don't want to be cremated.

I eat breakfast there, most of the time.

Not many students attended the meeting.

Before leaving, his men set fire to the city.


Put your masks on.


We use cloth to make clothes.


She shot a dog.


I didn't catch what he said.

It wouldn't be the first time that's happened.

Can I take a picture here?

The miso soup has heated up.

Let's see if anybody's home.

Is this going to take a while?

We didn't want to upset her.

Our teacher lives at the extreme end of the street.

Has Murph ever told you any ghost stories?

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Can you close the door?


I had had my watch repaired, but it broke again.

In India, the cow is a sacred animal.

Where's your brother?


Give us some room here.


Tickets are $30 for adults and $15 for children, and may be purchased at the door.


Whichever you take, you will like it.

Clifford is playing with his wooden toys.

What did he say to Brandi?


Is there an index to the book?

If you're happy, then I'm happy for you.

Would you come with me?

Thank you so much! I am alive.

Groups are a good way to share an interest with either a small community or the whole world.

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You're either with me or you're against me.


"Tatoeba is barely being used today because the weather is so nice," said Pieter. "That doesn't make any sense," answered Maria. "After all, the weather in the various regions of the world varies widely."


I admire your restraint.

Markus grabbed his jacket and headed out the door.

Hey, Bob. Where do you have your car washed?

If the cedars have caught fire what will the hyssops that grow out of the wall say?

I saw Brendan's father.


A good sentence is not necessarily a good example sentence.

What do you have against me?

I was in the hallway on the second floor of the hospital.

We can't forget them.

It is easy to say and hard to accomplish.


She just couldn't do it.