At your age you ought to support yourself.

It'll only make matters worse.

I have to see them now.

I don't think you should do it.

The teacher encouraged me to read, write and speak.

Unfortunately, this sentence is completely incomprehensible.

He was most kind to me.

And you're the one who claims that I am old fashioned...


Last week I underwent LASIK, an eye operation to fix my vision.


Thank you.

The water is warm.

How many people are here today?


That shows how little we know of ourselves.

Did you get enough sleep last night?

Syed deserved it.

The boxer was hit on the chin and went down for the count.

Who should I say is calling?


She met Matti while working part-time on the ranch.

People are going to the cemetery today to pay respect to their deceased loved ones.

We have a package for them.

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There's a money-back guarantee.

I've heard everything.

We're currently studying the project's feasibility.

Daryl is afraid he'll get lost.

I feel grateful to hear that she has got well.

Vishal blew Alexis a kiss.

He went to America to study English.

We enjoyed swimming in the lake.

She is always cheerful and smiling.

Let me take a look at this.

Mayuko looks cross.


What could be the matter?

"This" and "that" are English demonstrative pronouns.

Kamiya disappeared into the jungle.

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I thought Harvey would sleep until noon.

He knows every trick in the book.

That concludes my opening statement.

I think you can help her.

Not so well.

Jianyun is a dive master.

It's not really what I was hoping for.

Maybe your boyfriend will surprise you for Valentine's Day.

Duane got locked out of his dormitory.

There's no perfect system.

Is that law still in force?


She won't be missed.


Start now, and you will get there in time.

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She isn't adequate to the task.

Where do you come from?

May I use this?

The car bumped the tree.

Martha wastes his money.

I wandered about the streets all day.

When the body is touched, receptors in the skin send messages to the brain causing the release of chemicals such as endorphins.

He is a writer and a statesman.

This new regulation is wigscratchingly difficult.

Don't you wish you could fly?

She called her sister.


Hanging out with him isn't interesting.

She is fighting for the liberation of the oppressed natives.

We saw that a nail was stuck in the tyre.


Choose the grammatically incorrect sentence.


I cannot lick my fingers. I'm not a cat.

No one can tell.

The problem is that solar energy costs too much.

Vaughn held up the bottle to see how much wine was left.

She asked her students not to forget her homework.

Akira went out for a few minutes.

It's not normal.

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I heard Tanya humming to himself while he washed dishes.

This dictionary is no good.

What should I do?

I need to find her now!

Doraemon often smiles.

It hurts!

Help me pull these weeds.


I studied very hard.

He has less money than his brother has.

Rudolph has to share a room with his brother.

Miltos is eager to go abroad.

This is a canine tooth.

Juha started using anti-aging cream when she was 14.

I usually go home at four.

I noticed that I had slept past my station.

Keep a box of baking soda in the fridge to keep it smelling clean.


I cannot recruit a cleaner. I can clean my office by myself.

I'm responsible for protecting her.

He should have bought a used car.


He entreated his wife not to leave him.

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Do you know how many eggs Jennie bought?

I want to speak to you.

Briggs doesn't have to answer if he doesn't want to.

You'll be expelled from school.

We were bogged down in a morass of paperwork.

I think they like us.

The doors were locked and we couldn't get in anyhow.

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Let's sing together.

I got out my knife and peeled the apple.

My sister can't start the day without reading her horoscope.

You've got to be careful.

Who's next on the list?

I could not get out.

He's all right.

His plans always sound great in theory but they don't work in practice.

The reason for this is obvious.

I'm supposed to make sure Teri knows what to do.

I know how much you care about Kristin.


Hey, what a great idea!

He loves Pechyo the most out of all his sons.

I don't see how Linder could possibly do this.


I bet Jay knows the answer.

Keep it up, Lucius.

You are the one that I was looking for.

Bradford wants to buy a fishing boat.

I felt like slapping her in the face.


The child remained unfazed, even after being laughed at by his classmates.

His soul swooned softly as he heard the snow falling faintly through the universe and faintly falling, like the descent of their last end, upon all the living and the dead.

I intend to do that.


The soldiers halted at the entrance to the town.

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You need to sit.


I've always been delighted with the chinese culture.

Some of the students like to draw pictures.

I bought this book at Maruzen Bookstore.

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Smokers are a bunch of idiots.

I'll let Dori know you're here.

The trees by the road were chopped down.

I haven't decided yet whether I'll go to college or get a job.

Pack up the bags. We're going back to Boston.


I thought I asked you to take out the garbage.

Hunter quickly hid the bottle.

I'll give them to you as a rough guide.


I'm pretty sure he's right.


Elijah likes Japanese food a lot.

I'll be back in twenty minutes.

I want to cry.

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As she fetched Dima the suit, the shopkeeper noticed smears of blood on his shirt, and couldn't help but stare in shock.

What kind of bed would you advise us not to buy?

What was your plan anyway?

Do you really think Hohn is going to die?

She had an easy delivery.

As of tomorrow, this e-mail address will be invalid.

I don't know what we will do.

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Philip arrived at his office later than usual.

She's meant to practice the piano for two hours.

The child sits in the back of the car while the parents sit in front.

The number of tourists has increased greatly in recent years.

Another day is just beginning.

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She's a real character.

"Is this a white beer or a wheat beer?" "I'm not sure. My German is not good enough."

I said leave Franklin alone.

I've got to try to find him.

My hands are sticky.

I'd like to help, but I've got an important meeting to attend.

I don't need Ramadoss to tell me anything.


We dishonor the living and venerate the dead.

I admire your confidence.

I can't stand noisy children.


Our students showed remarkable progress

He said it out loud.

Have Hohn join me when he's available.


Let's start the ball rolling by introducing ourselves.

No animal builds beautiful churches, plays tennis, tells jokes, writes songs or visits the moon.

While resting, he listens to music.

What kind of sweets did I like as a child? Even if I try to remember, I can't.

Liber was devastated.