They both don't like me.

Can I have my keys?

I made a lot of poor choices.

And Elric was buried in the rural graveyard, under the shadow of the belfry tower.


I never thought that would happen.

Jitendra wants to get close to the action.

Jeffie's parents were baffled.


Her husband demanded that she tell him the whole truth.

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But now I live in Tokyo.

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Bring your own bottle.


I think that Dion is thirty years old.

Is it true that Midori plays the violin very well?

I hope someone turned in my missing cellphone to the lost and found.

The restaurant where we ate yesterday was bad, but this restaurant is even worse.

Would it be possible to set up a meeting with us on April fifth or sixth?

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Each employee is entitled to a two week paid vacation per year.

Do you like working here?

One morning, Gregor Samsa woke from a rough night's sleep and found himself transformed in his bed into a monstrous bug.


"No one will ever believe that." "Well, Chet believed me."

Why don't you say something?

The library has various new acquisitions.

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He is very busy now.

You can pick up a lot of words by reading.

A car passed by at top speed.

You're inflexible.

He disguised himself as Santa Claus to please his children.

Who wants us killed?

Carlos may change.

Hate makes man cruel.

I live in Bucharest.

We miss you a lot.

All the boys spoke each in turn.

I don't know how to interpret his words.

TEPCO is unable to stop the flow of dirty water contaminated with highly radioactive material.

The sky today is the bluest that I've ever seen it.

I used to keep a diary when I was at high school.


I had some bad breaks.

Kimberly says he'll come tomorrow.

You should leave here at once.

Do you mind waiting for a minute?

Piet didn't notice that his shoes were untied.

I want to make sure that I don't catch the flu.

You shouldn't have talked to Joshua like that.

You can let him go.

This building has three floors.


Why didn't they appear?

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We visited quite a few places.

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He broke relations with them.

We've got to warn the others.

I heard Ralf's voice.

Classes are small.

I don't understand, what does this change.


Gunnar is the one who found Louise.

I think one of us ought to attend that meeting.

We won't be able to escape.

That's absolute nonsense!

Is she going to go to America this year?

Bradley is unpredictable, isn't he?

Anne ate sushi at an expensive restaurant just around the corner.

Jean-Pierre was out of control.

Don't abuse me, please.

Do you want to know where you made your mistake?

Let's be honest!

Jesse hasn't forgotten you.

Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano located in Tanzania.

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Panzer has caught a cold.


Fred takes several mental health days off work each year, because his job is so stressful.

I think I've been pretty lucky so far.

Do not venture to come out of your homes.

We walked slowly along the road.

Do you want to get some dinner?

Don't you like fish?

The storm prevented me from attending the farewell party in honor of Mr Suzuki.

Let us do our job.

Ants work away during summer.

We will harvest our wheat in July.

I don't think I have what it takes to be a teacher.

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This beautiful dress is made of silk.

Linda lives on the other side of the valley.

I go to bed late at night.


Hurricanes usually occur in June.

I am English in that I eat biscuits.

He arrived two days previously.

The critics don't understand a damn thing!

I was taken for a ride.

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Julie received a Christmas card from her brother in Italy.

I nearly wet myself when I saw the scene with them.

Is there anybody here you don't know?

He responded to the signal I gave.

He saved a little boy from drowning.

Bernie has achieved his goals.

We must study the affair as a whole.

Dieting takes up so much human endeavor with so little to show for it.

Old women like dating young men.

The hunters captured the wild animal with a strong rope net.

The leader dismissed the demonstrators in the park.


Were you two close?

Wolf fell asleep with his glasses on.

I had a good day in Austria learning to ski.


Where he will live doesn't interest us.

Could you give me a leg up here?

Niels loves Jos's children.

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It just doesn't add up.

They know everything.

Banks refused to lend money to Japanese-Americans.

We're really in a recession.

They sent another message to King George.


I will do whatever you wish.

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Were there any interesting topics in today's history class?

It's a French word.

What's their location?

Anyhow, just why is it that I have to be sent out in the middle of the night to buy a canned drink?

I can't agree to your proposal, since it is neither fair nor wise.


I need your passport and three pictures.


I'm sure you deserved it.

Several people were injured.

They have their reasons.

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Lynn never asked.

Let's go to lunch.

I'm asking you to reconsider.

He built a new house for himself.

Amir broke up with Patty.

He was standing on the floor.

You'll meet them tomorrow.


I spent the weekend with my friends.


He gave me not only advice but also money.

Good, right, yes.

Nice timing.

I need to get Fritz home.

When was the last time you had a bath?

He's better at it than I am.

I want to know if you will refund the full purchase price.

She sounded irritated.

Jarvis says he understands how Carole feels.


How did Antonio know he needed that?


Are you going to Pratap and Reid's wedding?


Steve and I have been close friends for years now.


Isolated material particles are abstractions, their properties being definable and observable only through their interaction with other systems.

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Tomorrow we shall go from Frankfurt to Munich.

Many lives were lost in the flood.

My mother cut the cake.

The alien is postbiological and is really an advanced machine.

I think I know what this means.

I know how much this means to you.

I'd like some more mushrooms.

I didn't feel her presence.

How can I reach her?


This song sounds like one I heard a few minutes ago.

She grows many kinds of flowers-roses, violets, sunflowers, and so on.

I saw the whole accident with my own eyes.

My daughter, Kate, won a singing competition and I'm proud of her.

I went to Europe before the war.

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Even video-game machines owned by most children today are computers.

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Let me explain it to Maurice.


My grandfather predeceased my great-grandfather.


It's never too early to start learning.

I'll tell you why we haven't answered your letters.

He looked nonplussed.

Renu didn't seem to be listening.

Men fight for gold with iron.

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I don't know if this is true.