I can't read French.

She gets lost really easily. She's got no sense of direction.

I was surprised at the news this morning.

I'm tired from lack of sleep.

She wrote to him to tell him how wonderful he was.

Janet has brown hair and blue eyes.

This description of events is completely exaggerated, even if it's essentially true.

Will you notify me after 3 minutes?

I don't eat meat.

What can be seen in this picture?

Let's just get rid of her.

She took offence at my word.


I thought you said you studied all night.

Nationalism is the the greatest enemy Europe has today.

Cristopher is the one who persuaded Richard to help.

There should be no kinks.

You speak Esperanto, don't you?

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Maybe I'm wrong.

I can't afford to retire.

Don't blame this on me.

Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

A lot of people living in our building don't like the owner.

The great Roman hero, Julius Caesar, was assassinated.

His house is on the other side of the bridge.

I want to kiss her.

She looks actually pretty.


I don't want to be the one to do that.

She felt like crying.

Heavy rain throughout the night has hampered efforts to rescue survivors from the stricken ferry.

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Brandon has some food allergies, so he has to be careful about what he eats.

Have you listened to the salsa version of that song?

I'd like to go along if it's OK with you.

Where did you go for vacation?

Stir once every fifteen minutes.

Would you call me for your wedding party?

It's a good thing I came here.


Judy is a funny man.

We'll tell her.

"How much gas do you want?" "Fill 'er up."

As far as I know, he isn't lazy.

Oil is abundant in that country.

He has never tasted alcohol.

This is the first time I've ever danced with Rhonda.

Eva was accused of doing sloppy work.

What's keeping them?

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Celia only has a slight foreign accent.

I can neither confirm nor deny the rumors.

Your fries are getting cold.

Srinivas was found strangled in his apartment.

I'll stop by the post office on the way home.

Unity is better than money.

Mehrdad folded up his umbrella.

What do you think about going on a walk in the park?

I have something or other to tell him.


She begged him to send her home.


He is anxious to see you.

Why are you leaving?

Let Rakhal finish what he started.

I'm sure that Stanly didn't mean to hurt you.

It might happen to you.


I'm not touching you.

I know what she can do.

The ruler is short.

Pork has a lot of fat.

Her name was Rodent.


Can you get there by car?

We don't meet very often recently.

Each one is responsible for his own actions.

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You don't see many dial phones around anymore.


The firm publishes educational books.

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Tell them to leave.

Ask her.

I need someone who will truly love me.

There you go again.

The dog's attempts to climb the tree after the cat came to nothing.


Whether rains or not, the game is going to be held.

I've never seen my cat act like that.

I see a girl standing under that tree.


There, here is the other clown asking for more!

Since there are usually multiple websites on any given topic, I usually just click the back button when I arrive on any webpage that has pop-up advertising. I just go to the next page found by Google and hope for something less irritating.

Give me a hand with this bag.

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Great scholar as he is, he is lacking in common sense.

Streets and houses were drowned by the flood.

The tyres are very sticky.


Our business is doing great.

Carter and Corey homeschool their daughters.

He is here to spy on us.


There's no way to keep Jos from going.

While John was reading his newspaper, his wife was watching TV.

Adrian promised to take me fishing.

If I were you, I would buy it.

I'm getting too old for this sort of thing.

A poet looks at the world as a man looks at a woman.

Where did you threaten them?


The industry has seen many booms and busts in the past.


There wasn't a scrap of truth in the statement.

I hope that you will enjoy this song.

We've got to get them presents.

I was drawn to your honesty.

The message is simple.

She replied she had never met the man before.

Who invented bifocals?

You've been really helpful.

Because he was ill, he could not go to the party.

He's a wonderful educator.

What's your username?

They work for a packaging company.

Clayton was a child actor.

She made him do it.

Does Stephen live far from here?

He is preparing for the test.

If you want to learn a language well, learn it yourself.

I had a conversation with him.

The woman said the spot was hers.

Atuqtuaq has lived in the North all his life and has never visited the South.

Mrs. Klein is already in her eighties, but she's still very spry.

I'm just waiting for a call.

Agatha can't find a job.

I called her last evening but she didn't answer.

Let's bake cookies.

Do you approve that?

Why are you cooking? It's too early.


I can't meet them now.


I stopped by your office yesterday, but you weren't there.

Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

Conrad did some odd jobs for me.


Keep moving.

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Melinda wants to give his old car to Miriam.

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That is why words sometimes have great power over us.


Stanley is acting like an idiot.


I decided to enter the room.

He made for the door to answer the knock.

My father is bound for London.

If you can do it on your own, do it without reserve.

Julian put his notes back into his briefcase.

I've never cheated on a test.

I can't change this.

I'm not installing them.

Gail and Jakob have gone swimming together a number of times.


What can they do?

Why is he staring at me?

Bret really fucked things up.

I have to visit them.

Teri is with Clara now.

He couldn't find any refuge.

The street to school was flooded and we had to go around.

A dog is following us.

Dick was a pain.

What stopped me?

Is there anything else I can get for you?


People don't always speak in full sentences.

That person is elected by the majority party caucus.

They got extraordinary grades.

Gregg mistook me for my younger brother.

Where have you been, young lady?

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It is a toss-up whether the playboy will marry the blonde or the brunette; both girls are so beautiful.

Is he graduating this year?

Last week the powerful Keidanren called on Tokyo to lift the ban.


Daniele wiped his hands on the dirty towel.


Maybe Kim won't be at today's meeting.

List is the smartest person I know.

I do remember that.

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"Well, that is, it's not something I can boast of," in fact it's not something I can talk unashamedly about in public.

Prices are going up.

Rolfe struggled to make ends meet.

Was Spudboy murdered?

No one really cares what you look like when you dance.