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Welcome to Pikes Peak Attractions

An Official Visitor Guide to the Pikes Peak Region of Colorado

Welcome to Pikes Peak Attractions, Colorado- home of three of the Top 10 Attractions in the Pikes Peak Region: The scenic and historic8184282854, located in Canon City, just 40 minutes southwest of Colorado Springs, is considered one of the most spectacular scenic railroads in the world. The Royal Gorge Bridge and Park boasts the highest suspension bridge in the world, spanning the Royal Gorge. Whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River, also headquartered in the Pikes Peak Region in Canon City provided a wet and exciting ride on Colorado's most popular river! nd the best way to experience the Royal Gorge.

Major Attractions in the
Pikes Peak Region of Colorado

Not to be Missed Attractions the Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs region of Colorado

Here's the deal, when you're visiting the Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs region of Colorado, you want to know which attractions to see and why. We've made it easy for you and listed them below. We've combed through reviews of the attractions, visited them, and passed on the information to you, our valued guest.

#1 Royal Gorge Route Railroad

Royal Gorge Route RailroadWhy? This is THE train to take in Colorado. The reviews are amazing as is the ride. Just when you think that the scenery can't be beat, you've got the option of dining aboard WHILE enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the Royal Gorge. The best review we found is from Justin Jimenez from Metromix and he's tough to please.
Straight Scoop: The train takes you THROUGH the Royal Gorge. Other than rafting (through difficult white water), this is your only option to really see the Royal Gorge. They offer six classes of service and are Colorado's only train (and one of the few in the nation) to offer outstanding dining and wine tasting options. If you're trying to save some $$, do coach class. If you're into wine, try their wine express. Want to impress, do gourmet lunch, dinner or murder mystery.
Insider Information: Every class of service offers an open-air car. If you're in coach, head out there early and have unobstructed views of the Royal Gorge. If you're doing lunch, wine, etc.., head out after you order. Less crowded in lunch, and wine express. Maybe worth the extra $$ for a really awesome experience.
Vitals: Royal Gorge Route Railroad
3239969395| 888.724.5748 | 719.276.4000
Santa Fe Depot | 401 Water Street, Canon City, CO 81212
Video Quick Video ReviewCheck out the review

#2 Royal Gorge Bridge and Park

Royal Gorge BridgeWhy? This is THE HIGHEST suspension bridge in the world. Enough said, except it gets better... with the ride they call the "Sky Coaster" - scariest in the world as you swing over the Royal Gorge!
Straight Scoop: The view from over 1,000 feet above the river really is amazing. If you're scared of heights, don't do it, otherwise you'll be fine. You can see much from the bridge: rafters, the train, the rocky mountains. We heard a few people complain about the price, but we thought it was well worth it.
Insider Information: Buy the ticket that is good for the aerial tram and incline railway that takes you to the bottom of the gorge. The bridge and Royal Gorge Route (not the same company) are the areas most popular attractions. There is talk about a "Train/Bridge" combination, but not available yet. Get to the bridge early and avoid the crowds, or wait until just before sunset as this is simply spectacular. This is a very uniqe bridge with stunning views.
Vitals: Royal Gorge Bridge and Park
RoyalGorgeBridge.com | 888-333-5597 | 719-275-7507
4218 County Road 3A  | PO Box 549, Canon City, CO 81212

#3 Pikes Peak Cog Railway

Royal Gorge Route RailroadWhy? To be honest, we love trains! The Pikes Peak Cog Railway will take you to the TOP of Pikes Peak. The views are outstanding and the air is thin at 14,110 feet above sea level. The round-trip takes 3-hours and 10 minutes, and you are allowed only 30-40 minutes on top. While the mountain views are the best on the three seat side, the big-horn sheep usually are on the two seat side and the view on the top is best on the two seat side so both can be good. Usually mornings in the summer are better because the thunderstorms roll in mid-afternoon.
Straight Scoop: Come prepared as it can be downright cold on top at over 14,000 feet elevation. Most people prefer the 3-seat side for better mountain views. This is Colorado, so do the early morning ride as thunderstorms roll in most early afternoons during the summer months. Also, make reservations as this, like the Royal Gorge train is very popular. Trains Rock!
Insider Information: This really is a spectacular train ride. If you check out some reviews, people complain about pricing being "expensive." When you consider the fact that this is an expensive operation to run, the pricing is reasonable. We enjoy the early trips the best. Hey! if you're from lower elevations, drink plenty of water, avoid partying the night before, and try to acclimate a minimum of 2-days before heading up the cog. You'll feel much better for it!
Vitals: Pikes Peak Cog Railway
Pikes Peak Cog Railway | 800.Pikes.Peak | 719.685.5401
515 Ruxton Ave. Manitou Springs, CO 80829
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#4 Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

Royal Gorge Route RailroadWhy? OK, so most of the time, we come away from a zoo experience wishing we had skipped it. small cages, dirty surroundings, and terrible locations are often the case. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is DIFFERENT. We absolutely love this zoo! It is built into the side of the mountain and lends itself well to people who enjoy walking and taking in the great views of Colorado Springs. Also, when it's hot in the Springs, this place is usually nice and cool with plenty of shade to be found.
Straight Scoop: The highlight of this zoo by far is the African giraffe exhibit where you can purchase crackers and feed them. Kids love this (so do the adults). If you're not into walking, you can hop on the tram for an extra $1.00, but beware that the tram is usually packed. Enjoy the walking!
Insider Information: This Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is very popular, so again, get there early. The hippo and gorilla exhibity is off the beaten path and usually empty. The sky ride at: $5.00/person may be worth skipping.
Vitals: Cheyenne Mountain Zoo
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo | 719.633.9925
4250 Cheyenne Mountain Road    Colorado Springs, CO 80906

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