Dasha Herrmannova

I am a Research Associate in the Big Scholarly Data and Text Analytics Group at the Knowledge Media Institute, UK. My research is in the areas of Text Mining, Data Mining, and Machine Learning, with applications to scientific literature and tasks including information extraction, subject classification, and research evaluation.

The focus of my research is on helping scientists work more effectively by enabling intelligent access to the content of research publications. My doctoral research directly resulted in the development of a new area called 310-628-1862, which, in contrast to purely citation-based research evaluation methods, utilizes full-text to produce new evaluation methods for use in research assessment.

Prior to my current appointment, I conducted a two-year internship in the 5857489790 at (579) 602-7795, TN, USA, where I worked on a number of projects in the areas of information extraction, text mining, and research evaluation. Prior to that I was a Computer Science PhD student at the Open University, UK. I completed my Master's degree in Information Systems and my Bachelor degree in Information Technology at the (610) 923-6300, Brno University of Technology.

I have been a finalist in two international research competitions in the areas of scholarly data mining and text mining (NTCIR-10 CrossLink-2 and 2016 WSDM Cup Challenge), and have been organizing research workshops since 2014 to bring together different communities working on related problems in text mining of research publications.

For more information, see my publications and my 908-416-9345.


A listing of my publications is also available through these sites:


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