She likes music very much.

She is by no means beautiful.


Israel doesn't listen anymore.


Since he was honest, I hired him.

Edward looks like her mother, but her personality is different.

I saw it on the news.

She went away to Italy.

Environmental problems call for quick action.

The young sorceress was ordered to turn Bernard back into a human, after the teachers learned of her prank.

Huashi had better not do that.

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We made a mistake.

I will live in the city.

He loves me and I love him too.

You should've left it to me.

What's the worst injury you've ever had?


One does not look a gift horse in the mouth.

Emily has sowed a question in me.

Tao grabbed the remote control from Ravindranath and changed channels.

I'm finishing my homework.

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ of a woman.

They're interns.

She is very afraid of the dark.

Hillel, are you decent?

We strive for perfection.


I'd started to think you weren't coming.


I have visited more than nine countries to date.

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I can't believe you just let Kathy go.

Sumitro didn't choose the same thing Clayton did.

I'd like to know more about what happened to Guy.


We will learn the Abjad in this lesson.


They don't want Kristin back.


What's going on with you two?

I don't feel comfortable here.

Where's Dublin?


I've been everywhere.

Nichael is not the shy boy he used to be.

After seeing your spelling, I would like to have acid in my eyes.

The liberty of a democracy is not safe if its business system does not provide employment and produce and distribute goods in such a way as to sustain an acceptable standard of living.

You can't handle this alone.

The clouds floating in the sky are beautiful.

I got up earlier to see you.


Give me what you have in your hand.

What a lot of pens!

I'm not as slim as my older sister.

Only 16 percent of the teachers of this school are female.

Steve has a hidden agenda.

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Francois eats pizza with a fork, but Rayan eats it with her hands.


I appear to have misplaced my keys.

You have only to set out on a trip by yourself.

Beloved, unexpected, and undefeated, his voice sounded like a toad that had swallowed a tractor.

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Do you plan to go overseas?


Stopping population growth is like stopping a speeding train.


I know what you did to them.

We went by way of Taiwan.

Les didn't like not having enough money.


You want to watch a French movie, don't you?


Sanjeev went into his apartment and closed the door.


Why do you distrust me?

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Just buy them some candy.

I think Doyle is enjoying himself.

You're the only one of people I know who doesn't like bananas.

I've lost my glasses.

Nobody knows that.


My house has a fruit garden.


Can he do this job?

You have my respect, Warren.

You must not open the door.

Esperanto is a language for the whole world.

Why are you moving to Boston?

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The christian festival of Easter is the celebration of the ressurection of Jesus Christ.


He got well acquainted with the history of Japan.

These two are standing abreast.

My parents want me to study medicine.

The desk that Ken uses is old.

Roll up your sleeve, please.


I love this time of year.

He will win the first prize.

I bet we've all asked ourselves that same question more than once.

I'll take a trip to Kyoto next month.

I have orders.


He is a little quirky, but, he's also very sweet.


I cannot read this magazine. It's for women.

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My father always reads the newspaper before breakfast.


Ahmed used to be a special education teacher.

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He needs a bath.

Ofer just needs a little time to get used to the idea that Ralph will now be his stepsister.

Do you guys understand me?

My mother always gets up earlier in the morning.

I had to stop him.

In 1642, Abel Tasman became the first European to see Tasmania.

After spending four years in jail, he was set free for good behaviour.

I'll never forget the day when we first met.

Why don't you go with her?


Genius is nothing more than one's rediscovered youth.

Before we can file the claim, I need you to sign this.

After school, their lives diverged.

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She hung a little Picasso on the wall of the drawing room.

Hienz looked the other way.

This chicken is fried well.


He is unable to do it.


We really shouldn't have carpooled with Gunter.

Do you think about us a lot?

I know which of the two girls you like better.

Indra is working hard today.

I've got no time for that now.

He likes sports that have a touch of risk.

That's not very likely to happen.

Ned's apartment is small, but it's very cozy.

I will quit smoking for good.

I may have to get rid of them.

The applicant will be coming to see you the day after tomorrow.

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I was trying to be quiet.

You'd better start now.

I can't disclose that information yet.

We want to capture all the uniqueness of each language. And we as well want to capture their evolution through time.

Barry didn't say what he did that made you so angry.

She baked an apple pie.

No matter what I did, Ken wouldn't listen to me.


Well, you can hardly blame Nicholas, can you?


Frederic and Len played chess all afternoon.

Would you like to meet her?

My father died when I was seven.

I went out for a moment.

She will be back at five.

Did you see his face?

This has visual impairment as a side effect.

I answered for him.

He painted the ceiling blue.

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I was going to talk to you about it.

There are no real Japanese in North America.

Some are good, some aren't.

Are you a teacher here?

Presley had the only pool in town with a diving board.

There's one thing I shall never understand till my dying day.

I paid him 20000 yen on account.


Why don't you ask Shirley to sit with us?

Have you guys seen the news?

We could be here a while.

I ate the meat.

You're lucky to have such a good job.

I knew that already.

I'm beginning to think you're not serious.

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I haven't seen it.

You have wounded my feelings.

How do you know those guys won't try to kill us?

Which sport do you like to practise today ?

Don't just stand there; do something!


She didn't even open the present he gave her.

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This is one of mine.

Gabriel is making himself something to eat.

I thought that was right.

It's a mistake that anyone can make.

Go and see if you can find them.

Scot doesn't look his age.

Do you want me to go with them?

I do not want to bother.

I bet I can do better than Noam.