Kelvin was the last person Graham expected to see at John's party.

I was beginning to have my doubts.

I noticed that all day long men were working on the quayside.

Dan didn't even recognize Linda.


You must have been surprised to meet me in such a place the other day.


Do you need to do that now?

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They blamed him for the failure of the company.

This building was laid out by a famous architect.

I just want you to scare them.

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I need someone to hold me.


Barney said he was ill, which was a lie.

I complained to the manager.

It's been ten years since I came to live in Shizuoka.

In the days of the knights, they wore shields to protect themselves from sword-fight wounds.

The quarrel had unfortunate consequences.

Can you imagine how Sjaak feels?

I concentrated on his words.


Is that a hint?


But there are always some cheap standing tickets for the finals that you can buy on the day.


Tracey told me he was hoping to get into Harvard.

All these movies are boring.

Sid is about the same age as you.

It's really funny.

He is not a man to trifle with.


We just got this.


Jonathan has more money than I'll ever earn in my entire life.

The relationship was a disaster from day one.

He looks young for his age.

I'll have him fix the clock.

The exam that every student failed is harder than the exam that every student passed.

I suggested that to her.

Matthew's boss is Canadian.


When she told you her plan, were you taken aback?

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I wish I'd never told Erick that I loved him.

I can't give you the answer today.

Sandip might be able to help me.

It's been done.

Is your husband a picky eater?


You don't have a life jacket.

I think we agree, the past is over.

We can't leave them here.


Annard has no right to do this.

Everybody in that company is either a vice-president or a senior vice-president; they're all chiefs and no Indians.

We have to wait until we have more information.

My father will get well soon.

That's great. Nobody gives me anything.

Perhaps Ralph is still in love with Nicholas.

Our love affair was as short-lived as a soap-bubble.

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This clock is broken.


I said I couldn't do it.

I've got to stay here.

All you have to do is sit here.

You had better take a little rest.

They have finished their work.


Ariel broke into a research laboratory.

It's always a good idea to arrive a few minutes early.

Earthquakes can occur at any hour.

I think Gregg can do that.

The students are apt to make the same mistakes.


I need to think of my children.

Be careful or she'll stab you in the back.

Read on.

I am not satisfied with what I have done.

You're lucky Svante lent you some money.

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We lost sight of the tower as we entered the town.

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I wish this was my stuff.

I like to do my homework.

Tell the maid to make the beds.


I laughed when I heard him swear his love.

I am fan of football.

Manjeri still goes to Boston every summer.

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Tell Vijay to meet us there at 2:30.

She likes sleeping.

I see a book on the desk.

They aren't ripe at all. You're going to break your teeth!

I am anxious to visit Britain once again.

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Where did you see them?

Santa Claus brings gifts to children for Christmas.

Piotr put the flowers in a vase.

The air has become really heavy.

Learning English isn't difficult.

One day an old man went fishing in the river.

Send him over.

Reiner will not starve.

You can't change plans on people at the last minute.

He fell from the horse.

We hold a meeting once a month.

Mr. White has gone to Canada.

How far are you going?

I've had enough of your nonsense.

Stop bugging me with your annoying questions!

I think Wes has done a great job.

We're expecting a good harvest this year.


Mann's gone down two pant sizes since he went vegan.

Yes, I studied psychology but I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know; I only had to learn the vocabulary.

This isn't helping anything.


We must open an account for our group.

Everyone was so happy.

You're welcome to borrow my car.

Dalton insisted it never happened.

Jordan doesn't know who Sanand's father is.

I don't find it a problem.

Turn the lights out now.

Japan is expected to play a greater role in international society.

We have to get her out of here.


You've got to let me get a message to Michel.

Farouk is shivering.

It's really easy for me to speak Japanese.

I took a bus so as not to be late for my appointment.

It's something my mother used to do.

Why would Sue need to do that?

I want to help if I can.

I know that you have issues with your mom.

The leaves fall off the trees in the fall.

Are there enough chairs to seat 12 people?

It's almost over.

Edwin has a friend in Boston.

We should do something this weekend.

You know too much about me.

None of this is really happening.

She works in world shop.

Physical books take up way too much space, so I read with my eReader and my smartphone.


She was giving a speech at the park.


Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

We misjudged him.

Daren is doing research in biology.

The plane bound for Beijing is going to take off soon.

I've seen your resume and am very impressed.


You're a teacher.

I need to do some research.

The view's good from here.


I saw him play tennis.

I think they were right.

We are what we are.

The bank avoided taking any decision.

A dog chased a cat.


I'm a bit worried because there is a constant banging noise coming from under the bonnet of my car.

Nathaniel smokes three packs a day.

Olympic athletes live in the Olympic village for the duration of the games.

I was wondering if you could help me.

People feel educational standards slipped when the government cut finances.

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Is the coffee hot?


I told Butler we'd be late.

I meet him at school now and then.

Possums feed on eucalyptus trees.


We need money to do anything.


There's a sale today in that department store.

In more pleasant places in the world, people want to live longer. It is the converse in less pleasant places.

No one believed me.

She was in no humor for lunch.

Do we know when they'll make their decision?


That bread has started to go stale.

I'll put my passport back in the safe.

I suggest you talk to them.

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Billy is good at sports.

Until my coffin closes I will be your faithful spouse.

I'm Clark's lawyer.

Merril saw Winston wink at John.

Beckie isn't so good at singing.


I don't like you!

I swear I just saw Sasquatch!

You look a lot like your father.