Have you told him I'm here?

How is it that you're always so full of energy?


Because of the water shortage, I couldn't take a bath.

What a pessimism!

Just tell me you're kidding.

After standing for 6 hours, Antonio's legs became stiff.

Nice to see you again!

Rabin jotted something in his notebook.

He gets a good salary.

I was not feeling well.

The light doesn't work.


You'd better get back to class.

"Guess what happened to me today!" "Don't tell me; you found a coin on the ground." "Yes! How did you know?" "That's what you always tell me after you say that."

The fish isn't supposed to be thrown away. It can be used to feed cats.

Her heart beat fast from fear.

Jean puts sugar in his coffee, but I prefer mine without it.


There is no time to quarrel over such a thing.

She tasted the cake to see if it was sweet enough.

Slaves were not allowed to speak their own languages to prevent any trouble.


Teriann didn't seem interested in making friends.

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The visitors were herded into the elevator.

People can easily start loving, but not so easily stop.

I wake up with difficulty.

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That's what we've always used.

I'm Evelyn's driver.

I'm sure if you asked Mats, he'd say yes.

Everyone knows about Robbin.

Why don't you come earlier?


I think we should do that tomorrow.

Pascal seemed to know a lot about how we do things here.

I'm telling you to shut up.

Christ is risen.

Why is this door always locked?

Ernest swept me off my feet.

I wanted you to know how I feel.


Were I in your position, I shouldn't know what to do.

We lifted the table with our combined strength.

They are shrewd in trade.

The information is provided in good faith, however we accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information.

Ahmet can't speak any French at all.

Shall we take this outside?

Contact Rajarshi.

I dreamed I was in Boston again.

You could do that by phone.

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I don't think I could do that kind of thing.

Celeste wasn't with me.

No matter how hard I try, I can't remember how to do it.

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I asked Winnie to open the door.

Thank you for the help.

I'll ask Jean-Pierre that question the next time I see him.

I never told anyone.

Nothing's been done.

The winter was very hard; the ponds were covered with ice, and there was very little food for either the beasts of the field or the birds of the air.

He felt he had done his duty.

This chair is in want of repair.

Nut was the Egyptian goddess of the sky.

There's nobody inside.

We leave tomorrow morning.

Do you think it'll work?

Most of the town was sleeping.

Is it exciting?

That hut's floor is of bamboo.

We want you to help us.

I think you've been a bad boy.

This made me think of you.

I won't be there.

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There has always been war and there always will be.


Just leave us alone, please.

When will you be in London?

My father is young.

It isn't safe for us to remain in this area.

He is quite a nice fellow and liked by everyone.

His teeth had gaps.

That's what he told me.

I thought it was an earthquake.

I thought I had been cut from the team.

You shouldn't pay any attention to his eccentricities.

Armenians and Jews sum up to more than 7 million deaths simply because they are different.


Don't do anything against your will.

It was sensible of you to follow her advice.

How do you know all this?

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The Soviet Union launched Sputnik I in 1957.

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The airline makes sure to send your luggage all the way to the final destination as soon as possible, or at a later date at the passenger's choice.

I'd like for Rudolf to tell you where he was two nights ago.

I cannot praise her enough.

I took one.

Now you really worry me.

The clicking of high heels kind of hurts my ears. Do the people wearing them not notice?

Belinda explained in detail, but I didn't quite understand.

She agrees with me.

It's much safer here than where Norma is.

She's the nicest person I have ever met.

Dannie seems to be hiding something.

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Once you are married, you are done for.

I figure that there is no point in trying to persuade him.

What's it composed of?

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I've got a party tonight.

Ross said he never saw me.

I need assistance.

I thought Jean-Christophe was trying to impress me.

They never said anything about that.

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This joke relies on a double entendre.

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You've been great.


I want ice cream for dessert.


She made a mental note of that information, which she thought might be useful in the future.


The correct use of prepositions will be the death of me.

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Can I make an appointment for next Monday?


I just want a little more space.

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Don't play in the forest after dark.

You have to find your own way.

I'll let you study.


I know you're trying to help.

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I don't know how to stop it.


She advised him to drink more milk, but he didn't think this was good advice.

She is no less beautiful than her older sister.

Is anyone here a doctor?


My grandmother is very old.

Barton has been taken to the hospital.

Due to my illness, I couldn't visit you.

We're invited to dinner next Saturday.

Everett can't stop.

To choose time is to save time.

The chair gave way as Jacobson sat on it, and he crashed to the floor injuring his back.

He's the president of the bank.

The outcome of the elections is a mixed bag.


With his camera, Dominick captured a tornado in action.

You can buy anything you want.

I think you've done enough.


Do you think Croatian is an interesting language?


The wind died.

Izzy would've liked to go with us.

What's really going on around here?


I run to the toilet every thirty minutes.

How's the world treating you?

The truth doesn't need many words.

I really do believe he was a great man.

Kelvin looks a bit like John Lennon.

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She wrapped her sandwich in plastic wrap.

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Brandy sat down at the table with his friends.


He is preoccupied with something else.

Please be careful of your health.

I could tell by the look on Shamim's face that he didn't like the idea.

The moon circles the earth.

Has she already finished reading the book?

A cooking course should be mandatory in schools.

We have a choice now.

Tigger and I went to the same high school. He was a year ahead of me.

There was a trace of anger in her voice.

Be careful not to slip.

No one was on board the ship.

They carried the boats almost thirty kilometers.

If Cleopatra's nose had been shorter, the history of the world would be different.

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Eighty percent of Nanda's vocabulary consists of snarl words like "social justice warrior" and "triggered."

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She kissed me without saying a word.

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Je fais la programmation en PHP.

We were excited.

Be sure to turn off the gas before you go out.


I thought we had a great relationship.

They're going to do it right away.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular every year.