Why don't you get into the water?

My place isn't usually this much of a mess.

He seldom comes to see me.

Thuan turned on the car's fog lights.

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The girl brought me a red and white rose.

There aren't many students who can read Latin.

She kissed him to the point that she couldn't stop.

Jochen doesn't like spinach, so he didn't eat any.

It's easy to answer your question.


Damon didn't feel anything.

Do you understand why?

I will have read Hamlet three times if I read it again.

They contradict themselves constantly.

I like my teacher's dress.


That's why people are worried.


The people are like children: they must smash everything to see what is inside.

Your happiness is the most important thing in the world to me.

He's eating an apple.

I'm here to see her.

Please don't listen to her.

Timo quickly went up the stairs.

I don't think I'd mind doing this again.

Don't beat about the bush.

Axel usually shows up on time.

I only speak French with them.

The lengthy peace hid the early signs of an explosion.


Owen wishes he didn't have to help with the housework.

There are a lot of people in the city.

We can't send her out there.

That's too simple.

Drink plenty of water.

Yesterday was Sunday, not Saturday.

You had a really rough day, didn't you?

The public transportation system runs like clockwork.

As many as twenty students were absent.

I hid it somewhere.

Although she lives nearby, I rarely see her.

His stories entertained us for hours.

Not every man can be happy.

Cecilia always yells when she's angry.

I like English better.

He's really cute, and so I like working with him.

Andre is perfect for you.

The writing style was unaffected.

As I said earlier, I don't plan to say anything.


Eugene had a lot of fun.


I went on a car trip with a friend.

Post this letter for me!

The lessons must provide a comprehensive and differentiated vocabulary.

I'm going to go find a doctor.

I think Soohong is polite.

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We've got less than three hours to get this done.

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You should go talk to him.

When are you coming to see me?

Mars is "the Red Planet".

I want to hear your version of what happened.

I love the colours.

He really got to me.

It's out of the question for me to leave my job.

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You started that, didn't you?

I thought I'd lost you.

Do you work with him?


Money will do anything.

Why would Paula do this?

That's not important right now.



I think we do a really good job.

You clean up.

Come what may, I shall never change my mind.

I've lost my umbrella.

This is between me and him.

Sal and Suu are no longer married to each other.

She has a fair complexion.

Celia certainly fooled us.

He always believes me.

I know how hard this is.


This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.


He gave me a nice Christmas present.

I try to avoid going into the woods after dark.

We have to take every precaution.

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I don't want you to leave.

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Money cannot make up for lost time.

Hilda is a midwife.

You should get what you want.

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Lum has a weak stomach.

I'm going to tell you what I think.

Kick! Kick!

Shake hands with him.

I can see them.

Lucifer is the ugliest man I've ever seen.

Tatoeba does not have all the words that I require.

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I'm ashamed of my past.

Typewriters are giving way to word-processors.

The door was closed for all eternity.


The letter sounds forced, what is worse, insincere.

It was very funny.

My name is Soundararajan.


Just sit back and enjoy the show.

It began to rain before I got home.

I can't read your mind.

I went there because I wanted to.

I want him to do it alone.

She's been in the hospital for a month.

We didn't expect guests.

Bryce probably thought I could help you this afternoon.

I think Brent is unlikeable.

Your name sounds familiar to me.

Everyone around here knows his name.

Eric has to do something.

He had the face to tell me to clear off.

I love watching the stars.

What did it turn out to be?

Cleopatra was famed for her beauty.

Can't we do more than that?

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She's quite wealthy.


Elephants are several times the size of mice.

We're going to tell Marcel tomorrow.

You need to clean the windshield.

Many children are playing on the beach.

I speak a little Slovenian.

Joseph couldn't go to college because his family didn't have enough money.

Not only his son, but his daughter is also famous.

My father is getting bald.

Her dog is not so much faithful as tame.

Turn your face this way.

What a bizarre story!


They are perfect for short girls!

Phiroze doesn't want to be around Radek.

Everybody says that, but I don't believe one of them.


That was a very good speech.


I like to talk to people in their native languages.

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Francis asked Konstantinos for money.


I only buy soft toilet paper.

She works for a large corporation.

That was perfect.

So far as I am concerned, you may leave whenever you like.

The whole framework was made of iron.

I'll take a trip to Kyoto next month.

I met her by chance at a restaurant yesterday.

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What did you think of him?

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His cheeks turned red.

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Why don't we take the subway?


It's familiar to me.

You'd better not have driven my car.

I lent my pencil to him.


Last year I had five cars.

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It's difficult to keep secrets.


I don't want to do this alone.

Thinking about it still makes me angry.

Is it clear?

The policeman captured the man who was running.

The taste of love is bitter.

The children shared a pizza after school.

It'll be good.

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I'd really like to know where Kuldip is.

Do you like cats or dogs better?

Sho is difficult.

I must find her.

Kids want to play.


Sour cream will only take away the flavour of the meal.

I've never seen anybody die.

I was born in Israel in the year 2002.

How many stories does his house have?

Twelve years is old for a dog.