Our Company

DIGIONYX is a modern digital signage company that provides simple and affordable solutions. Our goal is to make technology simple so you have more time to efficiently run your business. We are continuously growing and are pushing to simplify the digital signage industry while reducing costs to an absolute minimal. We stand behind our customers as well as our products every step of the way. Your success is our success and our customers are always priority.For purchasing details, please contact us at info@digionyx.com.



Cue is your networked digital signage solution. Start in three quick steps: Create, Assign, and Display. Manage all of your displays using any device with an internet or cellular connection and our centralized web based interface. Your media is stored in the cloud securely and locally for minimum infrastructure impact. Get modern today with easy to use and cost effective digital signage.
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Why digital signage?

Add value to your business with digital signage. Deliver critical information more efficiently, attract attention, increase your company's visibility and save time and money.