I can pilot a helicopter.

Morgan had a score to settle with Alvin.

Just tell Lin what you need.

He said that his previous dentist told him that he'd remove nicotine stains if he stopped smoking.

He had his tonsils removed because they would get inflamed too often.

I can't exactly tell him that.

If anything happens, you'll be the first to know. I promise.

We have had difficulty reaching you by phone.

We drink too much.


Julianto doesn't seem to want to come with us.

The discussion will be continued tomorrow morning.

I would've enjoyed that.


I'll go tell them.

Nora has been captured.

Please come and see me any time.

I've felt better.

I think we're getting close.

Now that you mention it, she also needs a bra and panties.

I don't want you to be alone.

Himawan doesn't remember exactly what happened.

Dan failed the polygraph test.

Trevor is very diplomatic, isn't he?

I tilt my head. Not the pawn, but the knight?

There's nothing to see.

I ate the keema.

Both your brothers are teachers.

He did a real snow job on my daughter.

He devoted his whole life to compilation of the dictionary.

He loves to climb mountains.

In the space hotel, as the aria pounded its melodies on the stage, the view of colourful Jupiter framed itself behind.

I want to see the video!


I have never been to Kyushu.

This food is unhealthy.

Devon stayed at his uncle's house.

It didn't really take a long time.

Who's playing the guitar?


I took interstate 58.

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Red meats are proteic foods.

Audrey folded the paper.

Thank you, my child.

Striking differences existed between the two boys.

Vick didn't want to walk the tightrope without a net.

Pass me the butter, please.

Is this pencil red or white?


Who is that stranger?

Rajeev didn't understand.

That's a frightening prospect.

That's not good enough for her.

The frantic shouts and screams of the excited household and guests made the confusion indescribable when it was found that scarcely anything of the costly building could be saved.

I will give you a good example to illustrate what I mean.

The true nature of the planet Alpha Centauri Bb is still a mystery.

Don't be so shy.

The only problem is Maurice didn't leave.

I was scared to death.

John went to the bakery to buy bread, but he was disappointed when he found out that there wasn't any.

He thinks that he's the centre of the universe.

I really think someone should stay here with Knudsen.

Hastily acquired knowledge was not enough to solve the problem.

I like being a teacher.

I like to eat sweets.

I just couldn't stop crying.

I've never been skiing before.

Kim Il-sung was named premier.

We should get rid of them.

Please deal the card.

She had never spoken to him before that time.

The Giants were well on the way to defeat.

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They have only one blanket.

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"Where's his book?" "It's on the table."


We were having a good time.

She was seen to walk out of the room.

They will trust you.

Yes, he actually said that.

If you want to be on time, you should be there by 11 o'clock.

She used her hand to screen the sunlight from her eyes.

These words touched Pinocchio's heart.

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Don't open those windows.

How long is the meeting going to last?

Catherine cut his fingers off with a big knife.


Does she like me?


Duncan told Tai where everything was.

Jim looked right and left before he crossed the road.

I've asked Varda to help you.


Please let me off on this side of that traffic light.

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The doctor's treatment has only aggravated my husband's condition.

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I'd like to know why you're unhappy.

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Every pupil was asked one question.

Elwood won't talk about it.

I never really cared for that.

Lenora and his friends played cowboys and Indians.

There are some students in the schoolyard.


Did Sharada say anything at all about why he didn't arrive on time?

Put it on one bill, please.

The United States became a nation in 1776.

Amos asked me if I would like to drive.

They called the village New Amsterdam.

Roxane and Jeany played all afternoon.

What did you give Frank?


You can't be in here.

Do you feel any attraction for this book?

The speaker illustrated the theory with examples.


Don't discuss this with anyone.

She has a big house and two cars.

After my husband's death I walked around like a zombie.


So, you want her back now?


Emily has already fallen asleep.

Sanity wanted to say more, but he couldn't.

I knew you'd be hungry.

You asked me to help.

He filled the cup to the brim.


My sister presses my trousers.


What a stupid thing to say at a time like this!

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It was all right here.


It's Laurel you should be angry with.

Her mother and her sister came to visit the young worker, and sometimes they spent a day with her.

The date today is 11.12.13. This won't happen again this century.


Rebecca is a good tennis player.

If it had not been for the map, I would have lost my way.

Do you know what Dan's secret ingredient is?

Mwa hasn't called me yet.

What information do you want?

Those who speak about happiness usually have sad eyes.

I'm not a fighter.

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I think I've met you before.

Len got here at 2:30 this afternoon.

Do you like my new shirt?

If you had a million, what would you do?

Christophe will take it.


I'm happy because I'm studying Russian finally.

No news is a good news.

I think it's about time we got started.

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I'll give Eileen as much time as he needs.

I still think we should've invited Reinhard to go with us.

I don't want to jump to conclusions.

They slept in the car because they couldn't find a hotel.

She fell asleep while reading.

Mayuko looks cross.

It took some effort.

I haven't spoken to Svante in a while.

I buy stationery in bulk.

Emily will eat something after doing her homework.

Don't blame me, Cary.

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Don't believe everything you hear about Lars.


The teacher claimed that he'd have us all speaking fluent French in three months.

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I'm not the expert.

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No wonder you're frantic.

How did that occur?

My mother objected to my working part time.

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Stop acting jealous.


Almost everything you do will seem insignificant, but it is important that you do it.

I'll tell you what I want you to do.

I immediately wrote a letter to ask her, but she did not reply.

The other students laughed.

Where did you learn German?

I don't talk about you behind your back.

When her husband died, she felt like killing herself.

English has a lot of idiomatic expressions to offer.

This machine is environmentally friendly.

Let's go sit in the car until the rain stops.

Earl is getting older.


The vehicles are noisy here.

I'd like the government to respond resolutely so as to not end up looking timid.

The British people strongly opposed slavery.