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And your data should stay as unique as you are. Protect your personal information against online fraud and identity theft attacks with OurID​
to enjoy peace of mind and focus on what you care most about. It really is that simple.

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We actively monitor your sensitive data and online accounts for threats. Our continuous scanning is based on a proprietary identity theft protection technology to help you keep your private information secure.

Instant Notifications

If any suspicious activity is detected, our system will immediately inform you via push notifications on the mobile app, Facebook Messenger or email, so that you react quickly.

Customer Care

Whether you need professional assistance after a fraud alert or just need some help setting up your account, you can always count on us. Helping you respond to problems immediately and take control of your account is one of our main priorities.

(314) 778-5522

Not only are you covered against online fraud and losses due to identity theft, unauthorized bank and credit card transfers but also against computer related attacks and cyber extortion for all your devices. We are here to help you resolve the problem.

Your private data must remain private

The effective identity theft protection solution

OurID provides you with an effective identity theft protection solution to help you keep your online identity secure by protecting your private data – from personal information (social security number, passport, driver’s license), payment cards, social networks to other online account credentials such as email, online marketplaces, gaming, entertainment, etc.

We’ve built the platform as a response to the identity theft challenges that we face daily. These are wildly unpredictable times and our mission is to help you stay safe online. To this end, we have developed the solution based on years of leading expertise, along with a proprietary technology that closely monitors your data and alerts you as soon as your personal information is at risk.

Identity Fraud is on the rise

Javelin Strategy & Research

The number of identity theft victims rose by 8% in 2017 when compared to 2016.
Roughly 16.7 million people, in the U.S. alone
The amount stolen reached $16.8 billion as 30% of the U.S. consumers were notified of a data breach.

What is identity theft?

Ten years ago, worrying about your personal identity wasn’t even on the radar. Nowadays, the digital transformation brings not only more connectivity but also quickly emerging fraud tactics.  

Identity theft occurs when someone else gains unauthorized access to your private data. Not only is it an extreme invasion of your privacy, but it is also very stressful and time-consuming in terms of its resolution. 

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Your passport? Your kids’ SSN? Or is it your gaming account? Or social media profile?
Whatever plan you select, you just get more.

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