The way SoundCloud changed music industry

Without a doubt, technology has changed the world and the way. In SoundCloud, the effect can be felt by artists, not listeners.
In point of fact, it is made from a world of differences for amateur and aspiring artists. It changed their life.
In the same way for famous musicians. SoundCloud leveled the playing field for professionals, amateurs and those who are between them. It also brought music to listeners directly from the authors and without the control of the music editors. Continue reading “The way SoundCloud changed music industry”

How to use online marketing to be heard

For novice artists, online marketing is critical to creating an audience and gaining their own opinions. Music marketing is about giving an incentive and raising awareness about your music. This helps people understand that your music exists, and persuade them to listen to it. Using the Internet to get your name, there is a great way to sell your music because of the ease and possible achievement. Continue reading “How to use online marketing to be heard”

pocket money

The appearance of a personal computer revolutionized many industries, one of that was the music industry. With the help of a personal computer making music was much easier, that you could even create music with comfort in the bedroom. Throw to the Internet, and it will also be easier to immediately share this music with the world by clicking with one click. So it’s not surprising that music sharing sites, such as SoundCloud, are so crowded. Continue reading “Make your SoundCloud tracks discoverable”


These days in SoundCloud exciting things are happening. After the deal that kept the company afloat in the face of all of their financial problems and the impending shutdown capability, SoundCloud launched the best analytics panel designed to facilitate your life.
Here are the latest platform developments that you should be aware of – using them as soon as possible, will help your career more than you think. Continue reading “New analytics and play stats on SoundCloud”