Grammar & Punctuation


A computer-adaptive assessment to inform teaching and learning programs to improve literacy outcomes in primary schools.

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Grammar & Punctuation offers schools rich information about their student’s skills and needs. This provides an opportunity for targeted teaching to improve literacy outcomes.

Hear from Alex Damo, Assistant Principal at St Pius X College Chatswood, about how the Grammar & Punctuation assessment is being used at his school.

Why Grammar & Punctuation?

Grammar & Punctuation is a computer-adaptive assessment for students in Years 3 to 6. It provides rich diagnostic information of students’ grammar and punctuation knowledge and skills to enable better targeted teaching.


Diagnostic information

The computer-adaptive nature of Grammar & Punctuation enables us to provide accurate diagnostic information which clearly shows the strengths and weaknesses in grammar from word to text level, and in punctuation. This helps teachers adjust and target their lessons for greater impact.


Quick analysis

The fast turnaround of key results for Grammar & Punctuation allows teachers to quickly adjust their teaching and learning programs.


Curriculum linked

Our literacy experts developed Grammar & Punctuation based on the Australian English curriculum. This means teachers can track progress against the curriculum.


Tailored to student ability

Using a sophisticated adaptive test design means students not only answer fewer questions in order for teachers to obtain an accurate measure of their ability, but are also presented with questions that are within their ability range.

Sitting Periods and Prices

The Grammar & Punctuation sitting periods are Thursday 1 March 2018 to Friday 29 June 2018 and Monday 10 September 2018 to Friday 7 December 2018.

If you are an existing UNSW Global customer (you have purchased from us previously) you may log in using your school code and password to purchase now. If you are a new UNSW Global customer, you must first register your details.

1- 100 Students

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101- 200 Students

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201 - 300 Students

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301 - 400 Students

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401+ Students

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Grammar & Punctuation is available to schools in Australia. Unique access codes allow each student a maximum of two tests. Please order at least 10 working days before your planned sitting date.

Access to the assessments will be provided once payment is made and your school account has been created in the online assessment platform. 

Helping students perform at their best

UNSW Global Assessments aims to help all students reach their full potential. By partnering with educators to provide evidence-based, quality assessment data, we provide valuable feedback about student learning and areas of potential improvement.

Good grammar and punctuation skills establish a foundation for effective communication. In a digital age that encourages a variety of communication styles, and in a crowded curriculum, finding effective teaching models is more important and more challenging than ever.

Our team of assessment experts has developed Grammar and Punctuation, the first of our new Checkpoint Assessments, to provide the information and insights all teachers need to help establish and maintain the literacy foundations all students deserve.


Martin Spears,
Group Executive, Assessments
UNSW Global