I actually thought it might be impossible.

I should be there on Monday.

I know something!

The boat was approaching the English Channel.

Here and there.

She unlocked the car door by means of a hairpin.


Don't look directly at them.

It took a long time, but in the end I was able to convince him.

He drank beer.

A national campaign for energy saving is underway.

Takao knew I wasn't happy.


Why didn't anybody tell me?

Don't be unkind to your friends.

Say what is true.

Can you show it to us?

She is at the office.

Julius is hiding inside her blanket fort.

I gave it back.

A four-year-old American tourist was disappointed to realize that, in fact, the Sichuan province is not entirely made of spicy beef, in spite of its famously piquant cuisine.

We can see a big mountain over there.


I'll get to the bottom of this.

It seems they've always been petting each other in that desirous way.

Shean put his arm around Dominick.

You've all underestimated her.

Don't leave things half done.

Donald has agreed to go with you.

I want to get away from the noise.

It is important, in any age, to adore God and to respect one's parents.

What's the age of the universe?

Case has been trying to avoid Ravi.

How about something to eat?

I like my job just fine.

Carolyn is never in a hurry.

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The problem has more to do with you than with me.


You are pulling my leg.


Which color do you like more, blue or red?


I don't think it's possible to finish that amount of work in one day.

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Her name was Inge; she was a poor child, but proud and presuming, and with a bad and cruel disposition.


I hear she is a secretary to Mr Smith.

Just call me.

I have a right to know the truth.

Skiing is my favorite sport.

My dog is very faithful.

Feck off.

Did I mention that before?

One should give alms to the poor.

They listened to the President making a speech over the radio.

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I always suspected him of using drugs.

His existence was recognized.

I forgot my phone at the meeting room.

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Our conversation opened, as usual, upon the weather.

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May I show you something?

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There was damage to the computer.

Vance was in his late thirties.

He warmed himself at the stove.

Mrs. Wood is a very good cook.

Signal lamps are used to transmit Morse code.

Are you expecting me to help you?

What are some foods you shouldn't eat if you are pregnant?

The world population will soon be doubled.

Why are you angry with them?


I really do have to go.

I think it doubtful whether he understood my explanation.

Do you like doing homework?


Enjoy the experience of a relaxing day at Karuizawa.

Ron is a very interesting person.

Suzan is getting better day by day.

I'm done caring.

Do you go by bus, by train, or by subway?

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You can imagine how they felt.

The station replaced cartoons for yet another sports broadcast.

Yesterday we went to the cinema.


The coin is gold.


When she saw her test score, she burst into tears.

We play chess every evening.

Reinhard was caught padding his expense account.

Hank's plane crashed.

Jos knows what Ralph is doing.

We missed our plane because of the traffic jam.

She was not at all upset by the news.

For a guy who was chosen by his father as the only son to be taught the secrets of this martial art, he doesn't have much of a kick.

French is definitely not a difficult language.

Mosur hates raw onions.

He's raking it in.

Hirotoshi is the only one in our family who has ever been to Boston.

Stagger gave a vague answer.


I sent one.

Mikael is old enough to take care of himself.

Kim bragged about how well his son is doing at school.

A police investigation is in progress.

Do you know where my keys are?

Are you the one who caused the accident?

I was very glad to see him go back.

What should I tell Shannon now?

He always eats breakfast here.

What do you know about pandas?

Let's play at that beach.

Lynn didn't talk to the police.

My sister did the same thing.

Eduardo ate the chicken with his fingers.

Through her communication with Taro, Maria finally had the chance to better her Japanese.

Are you coughing blood? That's not good.

She looked at him with hatred.


I wasn't supposed to help my son do his homework, but I did.

It is not necessarily so.

He knows how to help people.

I will now explain this rule to you.

We're still planning to do that.

His Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the ultimate truth in the universe.

Miriamne respects Bertrand a lot.


I'd like to handle this in my own way.


Do you think I'm a fool?

He winked at her.

I don't want an apology. I want an explanation.


I discouraged my sister from going out with the leader of the pack.

Moses asked her son to behave himself.

I'm going to keep your secret.

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What's that you've got there?

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Where will you be on Monday?

What's holding you back from starting over?

I read about how to make tempura in a book.


I knew what Albert meant.


How did Terrence escape?

You're going to be all right.

Would you give up your eyes for a million dollars? What about your ears?

If we'd gotten here sooner, we might've been able to save Sergeant.

You sort of hinted that you wanted me to ask you out.

If you want to lose weight, you should cut down on between-meal snacks.

The story cannot be true.

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My children like to sing in the car.

I can't tell you how much I learned from Jeannie.

The grandfather is about to die.

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If you jumbled "Tokyo", you could get "Kyoto".

I remember your father.

Celia was beaten by his father.

No Entry!

He could not help undertaking the job.

It delays me an hour getting home.

You don't see that every day.


I feel the same way about Hon.

I wouldn't tell that to anyone else.

What time does my flight depart?

I love those warm summer nights by the lake.

We require no assistance.

I'm not going to leave this up to Jane.

You'll never guess what Thuan did.


You know, I like how you talk.

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Don't worry. I'll be careful.

These are all the things that I need.

That explains it.


I don't like my work.

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They eagerly supported his new policy.

His poor educational background was not a bar to his advancement.

Why are we lying to Krzysztof?

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I remember what you said last night.

You don't know how bad I want to see you.

I have no time to waste.

The rate of increase in households is higher for apartment houses than for individual houses.

Did you question them?

You're such a good friend.

He ran over her lines once before she went on stage.


I didn't go yesterday, so I have to go today.

When I asked him about it he explained it to me point for point.

They're going to enlarge their store.